(Left Image)  There exists a copy of 178 escaped boys, provided
by Andrew Puel who copied, by hand the entire report housed
at the R.A. Gray building in Tallahassee, their names, their
parents, when they escaped: The captured or released
columns are all blank, save for thirteen remarks.
Andrew has provided all three web
sites with information for the last five
years. To do so he has to drive 200
miles to Tallahassee and back and has
spent his own money on these trips,
hotel, gas, copies and mail to us. Thank
you Andrew
One of nine pages, hand copied from the original escaped list. Parents, their
addresses, when incarcerated, and date of escape. All are blank from that point on
except for thirteen notations. Very poor bookkeeping if not criminal.
Andrew has brought back 200+ Yellow Jacket copies, placed an ad in the paper and
paid $100.00 for a bound book of one year of Yellow Jacket issues. Here are two
Andrew at Robert's house the day before he, Roger and myself went to Professor
Erin Kimmerle's disclosure and report on the "Boot Hill" cemetery on the Dozier
At a church ceremony for the "Opening of the Graves"
Andrew Puel sheds a tear as he rings the bell for all the boys
buried on the Dozier property.
Additional Pictures of the nine pages are HERE