Can't believe anything wrong

Beatings Shock Collins

By Jane Wood. Reporter of Miami News

Beating of boys in Florida institution for juvenile delinquents drew a
mixed reaction today from Gov. Collins, Dade County lawmakers, and people
who work with delinquents.

The beatings were described yesterday by Dr. Eugene Byrd, Miami
psychologist and former staff member at Marianna Industrial Training School
for Boys, before a U.S. Senate subcommittee on juvenile delinquency in

He did not name the institution, but he had previously described the same
Corporal  punishment as occurring regularly at Marianna.

Concedes Boys Paddled

Art Dozier, Superintendent of Marianna, has conceded that boys are
regularly paddled with a leather strap there. He says he considers this
preferable. The only other alternative, solitary confinement.

Gov. Collins, asked to comment on reports of the mass beatings, said today
he would reserve final judgment until after reading the Miami news series
and talking with Superintendent Dozier

I can't believe that there is any brutality going on there or that Mr.
Dozier would be permitting anything wrong, the Gov. said.

Praises Dozier

He said he was shocked that anyone would have serious fault with Mr.
Dozier's operation. I have heard described many times, both in and outside
the state as an almost model institution of its type.

Representative Jack Ford Junior said he also had good reports on the

Supported Appropriations

I disapprove of Corporal punishment, but Art Dozier is one of the very best
public officials we have in the state, he commented.

I don't know of a public official in whom I have more confidence. I
supported every appropriation he has asked of the legislature.

I've been to Marianna. That's a good school. You can see the terrific
amount of respect the boys feel for Mr. Dozier, and they do not seem to be
afraid of him. I wasn't aware that the use Corporal punishment, and I never
knew of the beatings, I have to side against the use of Corporal
punishment. I don't approve of it.

Paddling the boys in Dade County Youth Hall using a board paddle is allowed
under regulations of the County Visiting Board.

No Discussion

Eliminating paddling at Youth Hall has been discussed in the two months I
have been chairman of the Visiting Board, said W. Raleigh Petteway today.

I am always amenable to trying anything helpful. I don't think too much of
Corporal punishment, anyhow, but sometimes I think there are circumstances
that alter cases. As a general policy I wouldn't want to be against
Corporal punishment the entirely.

Corporal punishment in my estimation is passé, commented R.A. McFarland,
head of the Sheriff's Juvenile Aid Bureau. According to the civil rights
laws you can't beat an adult. Why allow the beating of children?