The Miami News  March 17, 1958

Beatings are up to Dozier and Collins

By Jane Wood of the Miami News

Gov. Collins took the middle-of-the-road stand today on corporal punishment
at Marianna, after a conference with Art Dozier, superintendent of the
state school for juvenile delinquents.

I am not going to approve or disapprove of the policy being followed, the
Gov. said.

He said Mr. Dozier told him that any corporal punishment at Marianna is
extremely rare and is resorted to only under the immediate revision of
himself or his assistant director.He said there was nothing brutal about.

Gov. Collins Judgment.

Regular Saturday morning beatings of boys at the Florida school for
juvenile delinquents became an issue following testimony to that effect for
the U.S. Senate subcommittee on juvenile delinquency.

Death Investigated

The Gov.'s conference with Mr. Dozier followed an investigation into the
death of a Sanford teenager at the Sunland Training Center at Gainesville.
Mr. Dozier, as head of Florida's Division of Child Training, is responsible
for Sunland, the states institution for the mentally retarded. Following
the death of the Sanford boy, his parents asked the Governor to order an

Employee fired

Gov. Collins said an autopsy showed determination of the death was listed
as pneumonia, cuts and bruises of the face,  and bruises of the toes. The
boy was found by an employee of the institution and was taken to the
hospital, where he died that night.

The employee, whom the governor termed negligent, has been fired, he said.
He did not give the employees name.