The Evening Independent, St Petersburg, Fla Feb 6, 1941

Child Delinquency Traced to Families

Millard Davidson, superintendent of the Industrial School for Boys in Marianna, told members of the Exchange Club
at their meeting today.

"Family stability is the great preventative of youthful delinquency and later adult crime." Davidson said. He pointed
to a recent statistical survey that showed that a certain group of 100 boys at the Marianna school, 50 came from
homes where one or both parents were dead, 33 came from homes which had been broken up by divorce,
separation, desertion or similar causes, and many of the remaining boys came from homes where the total income
was less than $3.60 per person a week. He stressed the fact that the industrial school was not a reform school
or a penal institution.

"These boys need no punishment. The environment in which they have spent their earlier years has
usually been punishment enough."

Davidson closed with a plea for the general public not to allow their opinions of the Marianna or similar institutions
to be swayed by isolated instances, which, he said, affect to much of the public today.

Opinion: Robert Straley

This survey shows the number of throw away kids that were sent to FSB, a great many were not there for serious
crimes but from running away from home, victims of divorce and desertions. Many parents did not want these
children back. If the staff knew of these facts, and they most certainly must have, is it little wonder they were not
worried if boys went missing?