Lashings Charged At Florida school

Boys Severely Beaten for Breaking Rules, senators told.

Washington, March 4 Dr. Eugene Byrd, Miami Florida psychologist, today told
senators a gruesome story of mass beatings with a heavy leather strap at an
institution for delinquent boys.

Byrd did not name the school where he said, boys charged with infractions
of rules or with falling behind in their studies, were herded into a small
building for the beatings.

Ernest A. Mittler , presented the results of a staff survey of state
correctional schools, cited reports of boys being forced to stand for hours with
their hands above their heads.

Mittler is special counsel for the subcommittee. He told of finding
instances of brutality. In many schools and cases were supervisory
personnel were convicted of abnormal sexual relations with their charges.

Many boys, Mttler said, have been badly damaged psychologically and
physically by these whippings, and no evidence has ever been submitted
to prove that brutality ever accomplishes anything to the good.

Mittler, a former assistant district attorney in your County, said that
although glaring examples of brutality were found all too frequently, on
the whole states are endeavoring to correct abuses.

He said much of the fault goes to the inadequate personnel and this stems
from low pay. Correctional institution staff employees, average only $150
a month and have been selected for political reasons rather than a well
qualified background in this field..