State Board to Meet on Boy-Beating

Mothers of boys who have been or were at Marianna have called the Miami News for days to tell of
beatings received by their sons that sent them to the hospital to be bandaged, and that left some boys
unable to walk. Six boys who are graduates of the school have told the Miami news similar stories of heavy
regular Saturday morning whippings at the "White House," where the punishment is given.


A study made of 250 white boys committed at one time to Marianna showed that at that point been given
691 whippings among them. Eleven year old boys received 260 or 38% of the beatings, and 17-year-old
boys receive 21, or 3%. The older the boy, the fewer the beatings he received, records of the school
showed at that time. Mr. Mitchell says the personality of a boy is carefully weigh before he is given any

In no case does beating solve anything, Dr. Fisher says, and adds, "They are confronted at Marianna with
a problem they haven't learned how to solve. This makes Marianna run more smoothly, but they don't
think about what happens to the kids when they get out of the school."

H.B. Mitchell, assistant superintendent, denied that boys bleed from beatings at Marianna. One of the
school's graduates, who asked his name not be used, called the Miami News today, and said: "How can
Mr. Mitchell say that? 50% of the kids taken to the White House at Marianna for paddling bleed. You can
see the blood on their pants when they come out."