An unwelcome welcome

By: Editorial
Published: July 27, 2011

With Dozier now closed, the main question on most residents’ minds is what is going to happen to the property.

But there is another question that also needs to be addressed — what is going to be done about the eyesore the
vacant property has become?

Dozier is located off one of the two interstate exits that lead directly into Marianna. Travelers approaching the city
along Penn Avenue are greeted by tall, chainlink fences and yards and yards of razor wire.

While that may have been acceptable when Dozier was in use, it now presents a poor welcome to people driving in
to Marianna.

We have not heard what plans, if any, the state has in store for Dozier. However, we would ask that if there are no
short- to medium-term plans to use it as a detention facility, the least the state could do is remove the razor wire and
some of the extra fencing.

Like Jackson County, Marianna is going to have to find new industries and new ways of creating jobs. If the
corrections industry is no longer part of the city’s economy, there’s little point in leaving such unsightly infrastructure
in full view of people entering the city.