Changes going well at old Dozier school
By Morgan Carlson
Published: August 26, 2010

The Arthur G. Dozier School for Boys and Jackson Juvenile Offender Correction Center  have made
an internal switch to become the North Florida Youth Development Center.

The two facilities were combined on July 1. Superintendent Michael Cantrell said the change is
going well.

The sign for the Dozier School for Boys was taken down after the July 1 transition. The facility is
waiting on legislative action officially changing the facility’s name before it installs a new sign with
the new name. This may not occur until next year’s legislative session, Cantrell said.

Cantrell said one of the goals for the new facility was to get the community more involved.

Volunteers from the community started a color guard training program on the campus this week.

“It’s something different for the kids,” Cantrell said. “The kids are really excited about it.”

Cantrell was hoping for 10 students to sign up, but an overwhelming 41 students joined the training
program. They have had two classes this week.

Cantrell said the color guard will be able to participate in different ceremonies on campus, like

Volunteers from a local church are also offering a chapel service on Sundays for the boys to
participate in voluntarily.

Members from the First Baptist Church of Marianna have volunteered to lead the service. People
from other churches in the area are also getting involved, Cantrell said.

The facility is currently advertising two licensed practical nurse positions. The positions will provide
24/7 nursing for the campus, Cantrell said in a phone interview Thursday.

A program for high-risk, developmentally delayed youth has also been added. It’s the only program
of its kind in the state. There are currently five boys in this new program.

The facility is also in the process of implementing a redesigned behavior management system.

The new system will create more interaction between the students and staff regarding behavior.

Cantrell said the new system will address negative behavior, but will also address positive behavior.

“Anytime you can get staff more engaged with the kids, it’s a good thing,” Cantrell said.