An uncertain future
By Editorial
Published: April 03, 2011

The relocation of residents from the old Dozier boys school to the Jackson Juvenile Correction Facility next
door marks, we hope, the end of an era.

New management has apparently brought its more troubled history to an end. Interestingly, officials say the
resident population and the staffing continue to decline, and this is true throughout the juvenile justice
system in Florida.

While it’s good to see that the facility no longer generates headlines, we are concerned about its future.
Dozier has been here for decades, generations even. There are many hear in Jackson County who have
worked there, and like the prisons, it has been a mainstay of the county’s economy.

With the new state administration looking to save money any and everywhere it can, it shouldn’t be
surprising if J-JOC, as it’s now called, were to face cutbacks or even closure.

That would be unfortunate, and not just for the county. The staff and administration at the facility have made
great strides in turning it around. It would be a shame if all that effort were to end with the gates being
padlocked for good.