Note the date below: 1952
Another case where the civil rights of adult convicts were violated. Where were our civil rights?
How could civil rights for adults bring charges while they did the same to the boys at FSB? We
were flogged, these were no "spankings" they were as brutal as that which were dealed out to
slaves in the 1800's.....To Florida's Great Shame!

The Milwaukee Sentinel, April 22, 1952

Colorado Warden in Flogging Count

Denver, April 21 Warden Rory best of Colorado penitentiary was indicted by a federal grand jury Monday in
connection with the flogging of six convicts at the prison last July, following a riot.

The jury also the indicted former Deputy Warden Orann Doolin, and seven prison guards.

Best and the others were indicted on seven counts each. The indictments accuse the prison officials for
violating the civil rights of the six convicts who were beaten with heavy strap wielded by Best and the guards.
How the state of fla is trying to coverup the worst case of institutional child abuse in America