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New Details in Jackson Co. Correctional Institution Warden Firing

New details were revealed Thursday in the investigation of Jackson
Correctional Institution Warden, Ted Jeter and Assistant Warden,
Carolann Bracewell.

Reporter: Bergen Baucom
Tallahassee, FL- Questions still surround the dismissal of Ted Jeter and Carolann Bracewell. But on Thursday,
News 4 got one step closer to the truth.

Department of Corrections spokesperson, Ann Howard confirmed that Jeter and Bracewel were fired for misconduct.
But she was unable to further comment.

"When there is an internal investigation going on, out of respect for it and with complete 100 percent accuracy, we
don't release very much along the way" Howard said.

The DOC also placed JCI nurse, Tera West on administrative leave on March 16. That was the same time Jeter
went on leave followed by Bracewell.

Sources close to the case said West was having an inappropriate relationship with Jeter, but Howard was unable to
confirm that claim.

She said expects the investigation to wrap up by the end of April.