Jackson Co. Board of Commissioners Eye Piece of Dozier Property

Marianna, FL- News 4 sat down with Jackson County Administrator Ted Lakey Tuesday afternoon to see what he
wants to do with the first piece of Dozier property up for sale.

"Part of it being on a busy road, I think there might be some economic development opportunities," said Lakey.

The State shut down the correctional facility earlier this year because of budget cuts. Then in August, Florida's
Department of Environmental Protection's Division of State Lands took over the property. It notified the county in
the beginning of September, and although it's not all for sale yet, what is up for grabs is just more than 66 acres
outside the barbed wire fences near Pooser Road.

"This is raw land. There's opportunities for bringing a business in. You can imagine what kind of possibilities there
could be," said Lakey.

Residents we spoke with said they're also excited to see what happens to the property.

"Open a shopping center, pool, something for kids," said Jackson County resident Dauna Poulos.

The Division of State Lands has not said yet if and when it plans to sell the rest of Dozier's property.