Juvenile Facility Forced to Hand Over Keys
The Department of Juvenile justice pulls the plug on a floundering program aimed at juvenile girls. Now that program
is forced to clear out their building and hand over the keys.
Reporter: Candace Sweat

Monticello New Life, a facility for high-risk girls, received a mandate from Department of Juvenile Justice to hand over
the keys to their facility by midnight on Wednesday.

The department has kept a very watchful eye on them since the beginning of this fiscal year, and apparently they
didn't like what they saw.

A spokesperson from DJJ says the program underwent a standard evaluation at the beginning of the fiscal year, at
which time they found several problems that led up to their decision.

When New Life failed to correct those problems by the 1st of November, the department elected to shut the down the

DJJ says they noticed an increase in parental complaints, and the number of girls contacting the abuse registry.

They also identified deficiencies with New Life's behavioral management and with their mental health and substance
abuse program.

"There were complaints that were lodged by the youth at the program. As a result of the complaints lodged by the
youth, it was found that they did need to make some changes to their behavioral management program. Those
changes had not been implemented," said Samadhi Jones with the Department of Juvenile Justice.

At the time of the decision, New Life had 21 girls at the facility. Jones says many of the girls graduated from the
program before the closure.

The rest were sent to juvenile facilities throughout the state based on their individual needs.

Jones says right now the Department of Juvenile Justice isn't sure about what will become of the vacant facility.

WCTV went to Monticello New Life when we first got the news and placed calls to the program since then, but they
refused to comment.