RIP Michael O’McCarthy – Published Poet, Writer Of Prose, Political Journalist And
Blogger, Artist, Novelist And Friend Of Atlantic and Pacific Free Press Passes On
written by Richard Kastelein
Michael O'McCarthy Passed Away in Costa Rica yesterday. He called
me just last week - as he did occasionally to shoot the breeze. Michael
wanted to talk about the passionate piece he wrote about Dennis
Hopper, who is terminally ill - and it was clear in his penning about the
man, that he truly appreciated the sheer acting talent that Hopper
possessed. Hopper in many ways, was a thespian illustration for his
generation - a 60's icon who bucked the system.  Hopper's  brilliant
film Easy Rider captured the national imagination and was a landmark
counterculture film and the man was clearly important to Michael.

Calling me in the chill of northern Europe from the warmth of Costa
Rica, he sounded happy. Michael was as energetic and inspiring as he
always was. I was shocked to hear today that he's no longer with us.
To give you an idea of the breadth of his work and drive to make the
world a better place - he was not only a writer. Michael O’McCarthy is
an internationally published poet, penner of prose, a political,
journalist and blogger, artist, Research Fellow at COHA and a novelist.
On good days he was a revolutionary humanist. On bad days, he
simply hated the ruling class. He was, at heart, a true progressive
Michael began writing at 14 as teen columnist for the Florida Keys' Keynoter. During the 1960's, he was a
Left radical political organizer, prisoner’s rights advocate, poet and essayist and his essays and poetry were
published first in England and the US.

He went on as a lead investigative writer of The Glass House Tapes, (Bantam), the  exposure of the U. S.
COINTEL, FBI secret domestic police a operation; political reporter for the Los Angeles Free Press; author of
Visit To The White House, the first exposure of the state sponsored child abuse at the Florida School for
Boys' notorious White House, (Southern Exposure, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill  and anthologized
in Growing Up Southern, Pantheon, 1982); Special Features Editor for the new Los Angeles Free Press; a
features columnist for AOL’s political blog, The Stump and contributor to numerous anthologies on U.S.
correctional systems; writer for numerous political blogs; Political and Editorial consultant to Pseudo
Capitalism – Socialism for the Rich, by Stephen Bindman, Ph.D.

His final book was called
Rebels in Hell, a revolutionary novel, (IU Press).

Rest in Peace Michael.

Atlantic Free Press writer Martha Rose Crow also recently passed away here in The Netherlands.

We will miss you both.