In this case, no news is good news

The fact that the North Florida Youth Development Center never made headlines is a mark of how successful
Michael Cantrell was in his job.

The former Arthur G. Dozier School for Boys was suffering from a serious management deficit when he took
over as the superintendent a little more than a year ago. The facility had failed a state review. The previous
superintendent had stepped down following a poor performance evaluation. The state detention facility had
gone through six superintendents over a period of eight years. Controversy regarding allegations of past
abuse became so loud and frequent the state was forced to change the facility’s name.

Since Cantrell was brought in, things have settled down to the point where the facility doesn’t make news the
way it used to. And that’s a good thing.

We would like to join in congratulating the outgoing superintendent for a job well done. He was open and
frank about the challenges the center faced, and more importantly, put forth the effort to correct them.

We hope his replacement will be as diligent. The facility needed a new beginning, and it appears it has been
given one. Let’s hope the state doesn’t drop the ball.