Updated: 8:04 AM Nov 11, 2010

Reoccurring Problems for Jefferson County Juvenile Center Lead to Closure

The Department of Juvenile Justice shuts down a Jefferson Count youth facility based on some
troublesome findings. Now DJJ Representatives are speaking out about exactly what caused
them to make that tough decision. We are the first ones to bring you this story.
Posted: 5:48 PM Nov 10, 2010
Reporter: Candace Sweat

A spokesperson from the Department of Juvenile Justice has confirmed today that Monticello
New Life, a facility for high-risk juvenile girls, will be closing on December 15th.

DJJ's Regional Director says Monticello New Life underwent a standard evaluation at the
beginning of the fiscal year, at which time they found several problems that led up to their

The director says they noticed an increase in parental complaints, and the number of girls
contacting the abuse registry. She also says DJJ identified issues with New Life's behavioral
management and with their mental health and substance abuse program.

They say the decision was ultimately made with the children's well being in mind.

"Our duty is to help these children and we take that very seriously, so if we run into chronic
problems we do what is best for our children," said Samadhi Jones, DJJ Deputy
Communications Director.

New Life is a 30-bed program for girls. They currently have 21 girls. Seven of those girls will be
discharged, and the rest will be transferred to other programs based on their individual needs.

WCTV attempted to speak with the employees at Monticello New Life. However, they refused to