White House Boys Relive The Memories


Posted: Dec 12, 2008 06:05 PM EST

Marianna, FL (WTXL) Earlier this week, we told you about a gravesite discovered at the Dozier School for Boys in
Marianna. A group of men called the White House Boys who once attended that school asked Governor Crist to
investigate the deaths and their stories of abuse, rape, and racism. Governor Crist is moving forward with an

Today, I joined several members of the media, and two survivors of that school, as officials led us through the old
school grounds.

It was the face of Martin Lee Anderson a young boy who died after being beaten at a boot camp for boys that
brought back horrifying memories for Robert Straley.  Straley came to the Dozier School for Boys in 1963 when he
was 13 years old. He spent 11-months at the school and has countless tales of beaten and whipped.

Now Robert Straley is reaching out to other White House Boys, to help them heal and find closure.  Men like Patrick
Hallinan who just learned three days ago about the unmarked gravesite found on the old school grounds.

Relived the memories of a place he still hopes to one day forget. It's through this door that Patrick Hallinan and
Robert Straley say they were taken into the White House for beatings.  

Across the street we were taken to this gravesite with 31 unmarked crosses both Robert and Patrick say they knew
about a gravesite, but no one they knew ever saw it.  Governor Crist has now formerly asked the Florida Department
of Law Enforcement to find out who is buried in these graves and if there were any crimes committed. But for the
White House Boys they say today was one more step toward justice.

Robert Straley says he believes the bodies could be victims of a fire or illnesses, but thinks boys that were beaten to
death would have been discarded somewhere else.  FDLE officials say they don't have any immediate plans to
exhume the bodies, but plan to look into the Dozier school records and get in touch with old school staff members.
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