Terry Avera

Terry Avera was in the Florida School for Boys in Marianna, Florida in the year 1966. He was assigned to Adams Cottage, which was the cottage that the
older boys were put in at the school. Terry and several other boys were taken out of Adams Cottage and taken to a house on a lake to build a boat dock for
the owner of the house. Terry was told by the other boys that the house belonged to the superintendent of FSB. Terry didn’t know the superintendent’s
name, but he said the owner of the house gave the boys whiskey and cigarettes while they were working on the dock. The owner of the house kept one of
the boys inside with him while the other boys were working outside. Terry and the other boys suspected the owner of the house was having sex with the boy.

According to the records, Lenox E. Williams became the superintendent of FSB on January 1, 1966 and he served in that position until March of 1983,
giving him the record as the longest serving superintendent at FSB-Dozier. Lenox Williams is also implicated in a sadistic sexual act in the year 1961. The
coach of the football team, Vic Prinzy heard his star quarterback was  getting a beating in the White House. The coach rushed over there to rescue the boy.
Coach Prinzy said it looked like the man who was doing beating was having an orgasm! Coach Prinzy helped the boy off the bed and he told the beater he
was going to report him and he had better never touch that boy ever again! Prinzy reported the incident to Superintendent David R. Walters, who demoted
the man from assistant superintendent to director of the black campus. In the records this is the exact career record of Lenox Williams.

In 1968 the head of Florida’s juvenile justice system, O.J. Keller fired Lenox Williams, but Williams had friends in high places, namely the powerful Florida
State Senator, Dempsey Barron. Lenox Williams was rehired as superintendent of the school and had free reign after that. Abuse, both physical and sexual
seemed to thrive under the Williams’ administration. In 1966 the school’s doctor sexually molested one of the hospital boys several times. The doctor told
the boy, “You’re my favorite”.  In 1967 a boy was forced to perform oral sex on a school supervisor in the White House. In 1974 a man named Daniel
Holloway reported he saw his cottage father having anal intercourse with a boy. In 1980 a student at the school named Louis walked into the bathroom at
night and saw a Mexican boy performing oral sex on the cottage father. The cottage father slapped Louis in the face and sent the Mexican boy back to bed.
The cottage father hog-tied Louis and then he brought out an extension cord that had two bare wires on it. He then proceeded to electrocute Louis. During
the torture Louis broke all of his teeth. In 1980 a boy named Ray ran away from the school and was caught and put in detention. The month he spent in
detention he was beaten by two state employees every night with their fist. The last week he was there one of the state employees raped the boy every
night until he was sent back to his cottage. In 1981 a boy named Glenn was beaten with two other boys with leather straps. Glenn and the other boy were in
their underwear as they were beat but the black boy that was with them was naked as they beat him. There were three state employees doing the beatings
and they were wagering on who could draw blood first! After they finished beating the boys the heavy set state employee in his mid-thirties anally raped the
black boy and they forced Glenn and the other boy to watch the whole thing. Ray gave the exact same description of the child rapist as Glenn did.

The question begs to be answered, could all of this abuse occur unless there was not a wink and a nod from good ole boy, Lenox E. Williams? Another
question that needs an answer is, what did the state know about the abuse at the Dozier School for Boys? A very interesting memo was found about Lenox
Williams in the state archives. On February 4, 2009 Lenox Williams showed up at front gate at the Arthur G. Dozier School for Boys. He wanted to go to the
White House and look at the plaque. Superintendent Zahasky would not let Lenox William enter the reform school. Why was the longest serving
superintendent in the reform school’s history not allowed to enter the reform school’s grounds? Did Florida know what was going on at that reform school all
those years? Was Florida trying to distance itself from Mr. Lenox E. Williams?

Andrew F. Puel
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