Monday December 8, 2008
10:00 am

The Capitol Rotunda – Plaza Level
Tallahassee, Florida.

Today, the White House Boys Survivor’s Organization formally officially and respectively ask that Florida Governor
Charlie Crist order the state Attorney General’s office, the Florida Law Enforcement Department, the Department of
Juvenile Justice, and we ask of those committees whose interest and duties are of oversight of these agencies to
call for an immediate investigation into the identities and cause of death of what we believe to be the remains of
African American Children buried in a mass grave at the Dozier School for Boys.

Given the long history of beatings, torture and rape and racism at that institution we believe that the cause of death
may have been “foul play” committed in, but not limited to, that now acknowledged to have taken place in the “White
House.” Because of the location of the site of the mass, unidentified grave, it is reasonable to believe these victims
to be African American male children.

It is not unknown to the state of Florida officials that this mass grave site is believed to hold the remains of African
American children:  

On October 21st. we joined with the Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) in a press conference and a memorial to
the victims of the decades of state sponsored child abuse that took place in the White House Building. .
We then lead representatives of the DJJ and the press to what was on that date 32 marketed grave sites. These
were sites marked without a deceased’s identification. Given the institution’s meticulous records which were seen by
the press and preserved adjacent to the institution’s superintendant’s office where we viewed them, there is no
practical reason that the identities of the children buried there was not recorded.  A high ranking official of the
Department of Juvenile Justice stated that he believed the site holds the bodies of young African American males,
and that furthermore, that he believed there to be more mass graves surrounding the facility.

We are shocked, puzzled and disappointed that given the nationwide press accounts of the discovery of this hidden
mass grave that neither the Florida Governor’s office, the Department of Juvenile Justice nor Florida Law
Enforcement Department have launched an investigation into those remains. We fear that the cause may be a
continuing devaluation of the life of African Americans in the state of Florida.  

Given the barbaric treatment and conditions set upon African Americans during the period of Southern segregation,
and as the mass grave is on the grounds of what the State then called, “the colored side,” it is reasonable to believe
the graves may hold the remains of 32 or more African American children who met death by foul play. We believe
that the reason for the anonymity of the markers is to hide the nature of those children’s death.

Subject to the immoral, terrorist bizarre and psychotic culture of Southern segregation, which was implanted and
institutionalized at the school, it is implausible that children of the “white race” would have been buried alongside
that of “coloreds.”  Thus, we believe these victims to be the subject of state sponsored “hate crimes.”

Given the mass, state sponsored child abuse that took place in the White House by State officials, as acknowledged
by the Department of Juvenile Justice and thus by the State of Florida by the issuance of a plaque to the victims
and the act of sealing the White House into its perpetuity by DJJ, and thus, the state of Florida.

Further, we request that the State of Florida include an investigation into the other criminal acts committed by
officials under the color of state law upon the persons held in situations of diminished capacity at the Florida School
for Boys at Marianna. Further, we request that the investigation include all other crimes by state officials acting
under the color of state law, including but not limited to slave labor of minors in violation of federal and state child
labor laws, sexual crimes against minors including aggravated rape of minors, sex trafficking of minors, kidnapping
and attempted kidnapping of minors for the purpose of sexual assault and trafficking, and torture of minors by
employees for the State of Florida.

Further we call upon the Department of Justice, Criminal Division, Civil Rights Section and the Attorney General to
begin a formal investigation of these deaths that we believe to may have been caused by officials of the Florida
School for Boys while acting “under the color of state law.”

Why must we investigate deaths that took place over 4-5 decades ago?

Because of the segregation’s practice of lynching African-American males, as was the infamous case of Claude
Neal who was lynched before a crowd of over 7,000 people in the town of Marianna in 1934.  It was this racist
culture that was pervasive throughout the South until the late 1960’s and that which permeated the culture at the
Florida School for Boys throughout its history. The unresolved mystery of the identities in the mass grave is
dragging us back into a time that ought to be over --- especially when we have the first person of African descent
as President of the United States.

It is dragging us back in to this barbarity that will not over until every last child, Caucasian, Hispanic, and African-
American who has disappeared is accounted for – and whatever relatives he may have given peace at last. That is
our mission.

Fearing that time and age may prevent the presence of witnesses or destroy evidence, we, the members of White
House Boys Survivors Organization being citizens of the United States do notify the highest office of law
enforcement of the suspected crime of murder.