Many thanks to Roger Kiser: Research and editing.
And to Andrew Puel Research and six copies to involved
parties.  8/19/2013
This is from the Subcommittee To Investigate Juvenile Delinquency, Washington DC, Testimony Before The Senate. The excerpts below are
from that 35 page report and are related to the Dozier/Florida School For Boys only.
Not their Marianna ? FSB was staffed by the residents of
Marianna since it opened in 1900. When it was rumored
that the facility might close the citizens were in an uproar
over the jobs that would be lost. Tidwell, Hatton, Dozier,
Walters,Zitch, White,Walters, and others that flogged boys
were from Marianna or close to. Here is an excerpt from
testimony of Howard James, Pulitzer Prize reporter for the
Christian Science Monitor who spent a year traveling to
institutions across the USA and reporting back on what he
found. This was done before The US Senate on March 28,