Started Wednesday, 23 December, 2009.  Finished January 01 2010

I Donald Fred Smith do swear by God Almighty that this biography is to be
the truth and nothing but the truth so help me God....

This is a story that is so horrific and so unbelievable that no one has
believed it for half of a century, until a notable man and author by the
name of Roger Kiser, who has brought all of this into the scope of the
media.  He is an advocate of child abuse and has been in the process of
bringing this catastrophic news to the people. There are about 600 of us
elderly men in our sixties more or less,  that have came forward to tell
their story of the abuses that taken place at the Florida School for Boys
in Mariana, Florida.  There have been many of us go to  the media and
partially tell our story but I am going to tell you the whole story of the
real "HELL" that I experienced as a White House Boy.  You can get on your
computer and go to  I think that Roger Kiser
has done an outstanding job and has devoted a lot of time and effort to
present this web site.  With this presentation I will present my story
I was a very problem child and was very mischievous as a teenager, I would skip
school about every day of the week.  I was expelled on four different
occasions and was sent to a detention center in Escambia county, Pensacola,
Florida.  When the juvenile judge sent me to youth harbor I escaped and
stayed around my cousin's house in a suburb called FairyPass his name was
Jerry Varadore and there I spent the night in the woods.  The next day I
went downtown and that evening I went over to the VFW to a teenagers dance,
when I got there I was bored for I knew no one that was at that dance,
so I went outside and their in the parking lot was a 1952 Chevy with
the key in the ignition.  I had nowhere to sleep so I got into the vehicle
and drove it away. That way I would have a place to sleep and
transportation.  I did steal the car, but I wasn`t doing it to make a
profit only for transportation, for we always referred to it as joyriding. I
then drove over to pick up a couple of friends, Ronald and Donald Johnson
and we road around all that day. That evening I went to another friend's
house and left the car parked on the side of the street about a block away
from his house.  My friend asked me, "wasn't you sent to the detention
center the other day?"  and I told him I was and that I ran away.  His mother
must have heard the conversation and call the police department and
informed them of what I had done.  I was sitting there and all of a sudden
there was a knock and there was a policeman.  I was taken to the jail and
held and after I got out of jail I went back to my friend's house.  It had
been about a week and the car was still parked on the side of the road
where I had left it.  So I got into the vehicle and drove it all that day
and into the evening, I had gotten bored and being the mischief child that I
was I thought about when I had been going to the races at five flag
speedway.  I had been watching demolition derbies, so I decided to see what
it would be like to ram this car into a large bush and I proceeded to do
so.  I was about five blocks from my home and I had wrecked the car so I
walk to my home and was bragging and told my brother what I had done.  I
had looked in the trunk of the vehicle before i left it and there was a
large box of craftsmen tools.  So I told my brother about the tools.  

And being the brother I had ask me to show him where the car was so he
could get the tools for himself.  Now I knew from experience that if my
brother came up with those tools that my mother would surely ask where they
had came from so my brother would have to tell her.  So I refused to show
or tell him where the vehicle was so he threatened to tell mother. I did
not know at that time the hatred my brother had for me and still has that
hatred today.  I said no so he immediately told mother, and not knowing how
bad my mother wanted to be rid of this problem child she immediately called
the police and had me arrested for the theft of the vehicle.  I was then
taken before judge Bruno,the judge for juvenile court and being before the
judge so recently and escaped from the juvenile detention, he sentenced me
to the Florida school for boys at Mariana, Florida for nine months or until
the institution thought I was rehabilitated.  I would have called it the
training to be a good criminal, and do not make the same mistake twice.  

Now upon my arrival at the Florida school for boys when I came across the
cattle gap there was the institution.  I was amazed at the looks of the
campus, I thought I had came to hog heaven.  It was so beautiful and the
grounds were so well kelp, it had outstanding cottages and a beautiful
church.  We drove right up to the administration building and they had us
go into the office.  There was three other boys with me at the time but I
do not remember their names.  We were given a Brochure with a copy of the
rules and regulations and a preview of what to expect within the next few
days.  I think we were first given a test to find the extent of our
education.  We were then sent to the laundry to have our clothes issued to
us.  Then we were taken to our assigned cottages and introduced to our
cottage father's and he immediately informed me that we were not to speak
of truancy. I was the only individual of the group of boys that was
assigned to Madison cottage.  He then took me to the locker room where he
open a locker next to mine and instructed me that I was to put my clothing
and other articles in my locker and keep them as neat as I had seen and do
so every time I opened and closed the locker for their would be an
inspection at any time an especially in the morning before fallout.  You
were given a ranking system and you started out as a rookie then explorer,
pioneer, pilot and ace, but if you even spoke about running a way you went
to the lowest rank of Grub with A zero.  When I got done with what he had
told that I was to  come to the living area. Then he took me into the
dormitory and he assigned me the bed to which I was to sleep in and pointed
out how I was to make the bed with the hospital corners and for it to be
made where he could bounce a quarter.  He then showed me where to place the
new testament that I was given.  After I had completed making my bed I was
to come back to the living area. I was then told to go to the shower,
undress and get into the shower for he would be there shortly.  He then
came in the shower and sprayed me with DDT and gave me a bar of soap and
told me to soap down when he had turned the water on.  He then turned the
water on for me to rinse off, then he told me to come to the living area
when I finished dressing.

After getting dressed I came out of the locker room and the other cottage
boys were arriving from their workplace or the school for the evening to go
to chow hall to eat supper.  Mr. Hollon was the name of my cottage father
and he had me to go outside to the ball court where he blew his whistle to
have all of the boys go to their assigned benches for the count.  He then
introduced me to the rest of the boys, then assigned me to a beach.  Again
he blew his whistle and then you could go play, or go into the living area,
or go into the playroom area until it was time for us to go to chow.  As I
was standing there with Mr. Hollon, Pierce College was coming up the
sidewalk on their way to chow and he said for me to watch all the boys as
how they marched instep for you were to do the same when we go to chow.
Then my cottage father went back inside and I went to the bars and watched
the boys do acrobats.  It wasn't long before the cottage father came out
and blew his whistle for us to go to our benches.  Then he called out a
number and the assigned beach of boys went to the sidewall to line up and
so on until the whole cottage of boys were in line. He then blew his
whistle and we started to march to the dining hall.  When we got to the
dining hall we went through the chow line to get our meal and sit down at
the table and if you thought you did not want something that was in the
chow line you did not get it.  If you got something from the chow line and
did not eat it you are written up.  When I got to the table my cottage
father assigned the chair that I was to set in and there was four people at
each table.   When he blew his whistle and you were not finished You got
written up. They had a table for us to put our trays, glasses and utensils
on as we exited the building. You then stepped out onto the sidewalk to
line up and marched back to the cottage.

After we got back to the cottage we went directly to the benches that we
were assigned to.  Then the cottage father blew his whistle and we were to
play or shine our shoes or any other chores we had until shower time we
could also set in the living area and watch the television, or go into the
game room, or stay outside and play on the court, workout with the weights
are the parallel bar.  After we had our shower you were told to use the
restroom, shave and any actions you wish to perform before going to the
dormitory for ounce you go inside you did not come out until the cottage
father told you to are you were considered to be attempting to run a way
and then you would be taken to the White House.  Their you would receive a
minimum of 100 licks.  Even when you were outside you had boundaries if you
were caught out of bounds you were considered a runaway, if you were
playing ball and the ball went out of bounds you had to go and get the
cottage father to be present for you to get the ball.  And if you thought
you could go and get the ball without someone telling on you, you could be
sure that you would be told on within the hour, for someone was always
making brownie points with the cottage father.

So it wasn't long, I think about a week maybe two that I was Grub with a
zero and the next write up I had gotten I would go down to the White House.
My work assignment was at the kitchen we had to get up at 5:00 to go to
work and we didn't get back to the cottage teal about seven that evening.
You went to work two days and three days school and then the next week
three days to school and two days work.

I wasn't working in the kitchen but about two days, I was very bashful and
with the new environment had gotten constipated and was in the bathroom for
a longtime. When I came out of the  bathroom one of the biggest and
strongest boys a boy by the name of Paul Knowles said something smart about
what I was doing that took so long.  He said that I was in their playing
with myself and before I thought what I was doing I picked up a steal
folding chair and hit him with it.  Then before I could see it coming he
just about knocked four of my teeth out,it was on the left upper jaw.
Needless to say I had to go to the hospital and Dr. Wexler said to me, I
believe I can save those teeth and he began to push up on the four teeth.
He using his two thumbs and the nurse, Mrs. Womack holding my head I
thought I was about to passed out from the pain.  But I can say that the
teeth were there until about age 30.  Now when I came back to the cottage
Mr. Hollon met me at the entrance to Madison cottage and looked at me and
said, "what swinging door did you run into with that big son of a bitch
behind it."  I could not laugh for I was in real bad pain.  This is a good
way to give a good example of how Dr. Wexler was, the first time I saw him
he was giving about 10 of us boys an examination for  hemorrhoids and he
had all of us to drop our pants, bend over as he  came  to you and told us
that if anybody farted or should I say break wind he had this cigar and all
of you understand what I will do with it.  And he meant what he said for
right next to me was a real smart-ass, Dr. Wexler at that time was almost
blind for he had the thickest glasses you ever seen and was lazy.  He had a
half chair that had rollers and was rolling down the line and as he got to
the boy next to me the boy done just what he wasn't supposed to do and I
think you can guess what happened. That was Dr. Wexler.

The next three days I wore this bandage to keep my jaw from moving so all I
had to eat was soup.  Also I did not go back to the kitchen for I got a new
assignment to the band hall for I had been playing a trumpet in school
before I was sent to the reformatory.  I went to school and was in Mr.
Moore`s class and had to go to school for about two weeks before I was
assigned to the band.  I had to let my jaw heel before I could do anything
with an instrument.  I enjoyed playing in the band and on many occasions we
went to cities to perform in parades to make this reformatory look good.
We also went to all the football games that the football team went to.  I
remember going to Cottondale, Florida and Montecello, Florida to the
watermelon festival parade.  We also went to Marianna on many occasions to
perform in parades.

Now the first time I was taken down to the White House I was taken by Mr.
Burgess and Mr. Sealander, Mr. Burgess was the cottage father for Madison
cottage also when Mr. Hollon was on break and I did not associate or even
look at him after my first beating.  Believe it or not you could be taken
down for just looking, if the staff member thought it was disrespectful.  I
was taken down again about a  month later for fighting.  We were marching
in line and there were always bullies that would kick the heal of your boot
and caused your foot to lock with your other foot and you would fall flat
on your face.  It was a tripping method.  This was done to me and I
eventually found out who it was and tried to straighten the problem out.

He lost in rank and I went to the White House.  Again Mr. Burgess done the
whipping and Mr. Sealander was the witness.  I do not remember what the
whipping or the write up was for Mr. Sealander done the whipping and I don't
remember who the witness was.  I think that one time I got into a fight
over the nickname I had been given by one the boys at the cottage.  The
nickname was buzzard breath and I cannot help the fact that I had
halitosis, a disease of the gums.  If I remember right it was a boy by the
name of Jimmy Campbell and he could fight and he whipped me good and proper
in the locker room but we were not caught fighting.  There was another boy
that was teasing me and we were caught and he received a demotion in rank
and I went to the White House.  And now that I've thought about it Mr.
Sealander did whip me on that occasion.  

A day of ''HELL'' at the Florida School for Boys in Mariana, Florida

I was running behind that morning and had failed inspection because I had
not had time to sow a button on my shirt  and my cottage father wrote me up
for the failure.  I was called to the guidance center and Mr. Aubrey call
me into his office to discuss the write up that I had gotten.  He said to me
Donald I do not understand why you keep getting into trouble and can not
get out of the grub's for you have been in them for the last nine months.
I think we're going to have to do something about this, I think I will have
you go outside of my office and sit until I can talk to Mr. Walters and see
if he can find a way to straighten you out.  I sat in the chair for about
an hour before Mr. Aubrey came and got me and took me to Mr. Walters
office.  Mr. Walters had already heard from Mr. Aubrey of what my ranking
had been for the last nine months, so Mr. Walters said too me.  Donald, it
looks to me that you're having a problem and the disciplinary actions that
Mr. Burgess or Mr. Sealander have been doing has not done any good for I
have not seen any improvement in your actions.  Now, what seems to be the
problem?  I looked at Mr. Walters and just scrubbed my shoulders.  Maybe I
should explain what I meant by that I just lifted my shoulders.  He then
said too me, now you have to tell me, what is the problem?  I told him that
I had been trying to go by the rules.  He then told me go back to the
guidance center and sit in the chair for we will have to take a trip.  So I
went back to the chair and was setting their for about 30 minutes and Mr.
Williams and Mr. Walters came through the door.  This scared me so bad I
thought my heart would stop for Mr. Williams had the reputation of beating
the black boys to death, for he had the nickname of Nigger killer.  

Just then Mr. Walters said to me let's go and I got up and started toward
the White House.  On the way to the White House Mr. Walters said to Mr.
Williams, Lenox, step over to the kitchen and get about four good size
kitchen boys for I think we will need them.  I looked at Mr. Walters and
said to him, "you will not need them Mr. Walters."  Then Mr. Walters said,
"Is that a fact?"  And we preceded on to the White House.  Mr. Williams had
the keys to the lock and unlocked the door were all of us could enter.
There was no other boys that went down with me so I knew the procedure.  I
went to the room on the left and laid down on the bed on my stomach and
looked toward the wall and placed by hands in the right position on the bed
rail.  Mr. Williams went to the fan and turned it on and the fan made a lot
of noise for it would just about drowned out sound of the beating.  They
were talking for a few minutes before Mr. Walters stepped in and started to
whip me.  As he started his swing I could hear his foot scratch the floor
in his windup as if he were a baseball player and was  about to hit the
ball with a bat.  The first time he hit me I knew I had never been hit that
hard before.  I had heard from the other boys about the reputation that Mr.
Walters had and they were right.  Then I started to count the licks that I
was getting, it seemed like it took a long time for him to start another
swing for he would pause for about 4 seconds before the next lick.  He
done this throughout the beating.  I received 67 licks before Mr. Walters
said, OK get up Donald, but I had to struggle to get up for I was numb from
about the middle of my back to my ankles.  Mr. Williams had already turned
the fan off and had when outside.  I followed Mr. Walters and as I was
stepping outside the door of the White House I limped as I stepped down the
steps.  Mr. Walters then said to me, it looks to me that you need to go
back in and get some more for you are limping Donald.  I said to him, sir,
I will be all right.  Then he said to me, let's see how fast you can go
around this White House.  Now I took off as fast as I could and around the
White House I went.  When I had finished running around the building and
was standing in front of Mr. Walters he looked directly into my eyes and
said to me: "Now Donald you're to say nothing about what has happened to no
one do you understand?" I said to Mr. Walters, "yes sir" and then Mr. Walter
said, "Let's see how fast you can make it back to your cottage.  I took off
in a half run and limping toward my cottage.

As I came down the hill on the sidewalk to Madison cottage, my college
father met me and told me to go to the shower and take my boots off and
socks and shirt and throw them out of the shower and that he would be there
to turn the water on.  When he came to the shower room he said for me to
wait until my pants were soaked before attempting to take them off.  As I
looked at the floor of the shower room all I could see was red water going
down the drain.  I understand now why he had me get into the shower cause
it was still very painful to remove my pants and underwear.  The underwear
was stuck to my skin and plus i got most of the blood of my clothing.

As I got out of the shower he handed me some state hair dressing that was
like wax, it was that thick, and told me to spread this all over the cuts
and busted places I had on my backside from about the center of my back to
my ankles.  This stop the bleeding for a little while then after I dressed
it started again and I could feel the blood running down my legs and
gathering within my boots.  It wasn't long before we were to go to lunch
and I went outside and stood at the end of the bench that I was assigned to
cause I could not sit down for it would have been too painful.  I had not
stood there for very long for the cottage father came out and blew his
whistle for all the boys to go to there assigned benches.

We lined up to go to the chow  and when we started towards the dining hall
I noticed that my cottage father was carrying a pillow.  When I got my tray
I went to my table and the pillow was in my chair.  I looked at my cottage
father and he motioned for me to sit down.  I did so but I did not feel
like eating so the other boys finished by tray.  My cottage father usually
sat with us and ate his meals but for some reason he went to the staff
dining room and was there about 20 minutes.  When he came back to his table
he blew his whistle for us to line up outside.  It normally was about 30
minutes that we had to finish our meal but this time the cottage father was
in a hurry to get back to the cottage.  He passed me and was going toward
the front of the line and he had the pillow that had some blood on it.  I
look up the street and I saw Mr. Walters driving down the street .
Normally our cottage father would blow his whistle for the line to stop to
let the superintendent and any other staff pass through and then blow the
whistle again and the line would stop and let the rest of us catch up.
Instead my cottage father shook the pillow at Mr. Walters and was pointing
at him as he walked in front of him.

I did not know at the time what my cottage father was doing in the staff
dining area but I found out about 28 years later.  I went back to visit my
cottage father when I was 44 years old.  Mr. Hollon explain to me the
conversation he had with Mr. Walters at that time.  He  said to Mr. Walters
that the beating you gave Donal was uncalled for and that he would go to
the authorities above him.  When I got to his home just outside of Mariana
and stepped out of my van and when up the steps to the front door, Mrs.
Hollon answered the door, and said that if you are looking for my husband
he is in the backyard mowing grass, and so I walked around the house to the
back yard.   Now when my cottage father first saw me coming toward him in
his backyard he was operating a riding lawnmower, he immediately stopped
what he was doing, got off his tractor and came at a fast pace toward me.

I held out my hand to shake hands with him but he said no, I'm going to hug
your neck for he later explained to me that after the beating he had heard
through the Grapevine and from other staff employees that they had taken me
to the White House again after lunch for another beating.  Mr. Hollon had
always thought that I was dead but if you understood Marianna Florida and
the authorities of Jackson County you would understand how Mr. Hollon was
left in the dark.  There had been on many occasions in the past of
cruelty and abuse at the Florida school for boys.  This history has been
documented for 60 years more or less from when the institution or
reformatory was established.  And after me and Mr. Hollon had visited for
about two hours, I said to him that if I could get the documentation of my
juvenile records at Jackson County courthouse would he be a witness to the
allegations that I was going to produce to the court and he said he would.

I then went to the Jackson County courthouse to get my juvenile records.  I
entered the courthouse and said to the attendant that I wanted to get a
copy of my juvenile records. The attendant said you were a juvenile and
those records are sealed.  I said to the attended I am Donald Fred Smith, I
showed her, the attendant my identification, but she refused any
documentation.  I'd never saw Mr. Hollon again before his death.  This was
about the month of August 1991.  Also Mr. Holland quit his job at the
reformatory 30 days after the incident, moved to Georgia to another
institution for employment.

When we got back to the cottage my cottage father had me take a shower
again and put the state hair dressing on the cuts to stop them from
bleeding again.  Now, by the time I had gotten dressed the rest of the boys
had already gone to school or their workplace's.  So I had to hurry all the
way to the band hall, as I was walking in front of the administration
building a boy was sitting on the retainer wall and as I came by him he
came off the retainer wall and started walking beside me and he said to me,
"Why are you limping?" and I said to him, "They beat the hell out of me at the
White House".  And as I said it i looked down the street, there was a the
lite green 1956 Ford  that Mr. Williams drove.  My heart skipped a beat for
i knew what Mr. Walters had told me at the White House.  Mr. Williams
pulled over to the curb and call the boy by his first name and said to him.
Now John, I generally know what two boys are talking about by their
expressions on their faces, John what was Donald telling you.  Sir he was
telling me about him going to the White House.  Mr. Williams said John you
go on to the laundry, Donald, you get into the front seat.  At that time we
were in front of the hospital for it was a short distance from there to the
administration building.  Mr. Williams parked in front of the administration
building and told me to get out and stand there.  When he stepped out of
the car and came around it he took me by the arm, up the stairs and into
Mr. Walters office.

And I have told  the story so many times, I have always thought about this,
how did Mr. Williams know John by his first name and how did he know that
John worked in the laundry.  Mr. Williams worked on number two side as it was
called, because Florida school for boys was segregated and that was the
black side.

As we entered Mr. Walters office Mr. Williams said to Mr. Walters, "Guess
what Dave?  Donald has something to tell you."  Mr. Walters said to me, "what
have you got to tell me?" and my usual thing was to shrub my shoulders.  Then
Mr. Walters said "No!  You are going to tell me what the problem is," so I
said to Mr. Walters "Sir I was talking about my paddling." Mr. Walters said
"You do know what I told you at White House."  I said yes sir.  Mr. Walters
then said "Well then Donald you know what we're going to have to do."  "I said
yes sir," he said to me "Turn around Donald and drop your plants."  How about
it Lenox, don't you think Donald can stand a little more?" I did not hear
what Mr. Williams said and did not see any expression that he made for he
was in back of me.  So we preceded through the back door of the
administration building to the guidance center and through the front door,
down to the Street to the White House.  On the way to the White House Mr.
Walters again said to Mr. Williams for him to go to the kitchen and get
four kitchen boys.  Their again I said to Mr. Walters that he would not
need  anyone and so we preceded on to the White House.  Again Mr. Williams
unlocked the door, when inside and turned the fan on. Again I went to the
bed and lay down on my stomach and looked toward the wall and held on to
the bed rails for all was to start all over again.  Swish, bang one, swish,
bang two and always a short pause between the swing of the paddle.  The
swish was his shoe on the floor the rest you would know.  The count got up
to  50 licks when Mr. Walters stepped out of the room and I  could hear
them having a conversation in a few minutes it started again and I thought
to myself they're going to kill me.  Swish, bang 51, swish, bang 52 until
75.  Again he had a conversation with Mr. Williams and then after a few
minutes it start again I remember counting to 97 before I said to myself O
God and I passed out.

When I regained consciousness I know that I was drugged I knew I was in
solitary but how I got there I do not remember, I did not feel any pain
whatsoever.  I remember the small room it was about eight by 10 and a
platform with a mattress, the mattress was green a darker green than the
pillow and all of the outside covering on the mattress and pillow was like
Managua hide.  I remember only having a blanket with no sheets or pillowcases
and dressed only in boxer shorts.  I also remember waking up on a gurney
with Dr. Seuss looking down at me and having some instrument around my head
with wires coming from those instruments.  Also being strapped down to the
gurney and not remembering how I had gotten on the gurney or how I had got
back to the room.  I also remember going to visit my family in the
visitors' park but do not remember how I got there or how I got back in the
room.  I also remember a pair of black and white shoes that my mother had
brought to me for Christmas I hated the shoes I remember sitting and
talking to my sister at a picnic table and was dressed in my usual state
issue clothing but I don't remember how i got dressed.  I don't even
remember how long I was in solitary.  They would serve us some  soup and
goulash that was prepare for solitary confinement.  I don't even remember a
commode in the room.  The officer would come to the window and tell me to do
exercise for about 30 minutes a day and I would see him look in the window
occasionally to see that I performed it. As I think about it today I can`t
remember but maybe two days of exercise.  I don't remember ever taking a
shower while I was in solitary confinement.  I was not ever sexually abused
but I've heard from the other men that this was being done by some staff
members at that time for the way I was under the influence of the strong
medications that I was given they could have had  their way with me.

I don't remember when I was assigned to Roosevelt cottages, I remember
being on the basketball court and setting on number four bench and I was
sitting there trying to understand a tape recorder that I had gotten for
Christmas from my family.  I don't remember how I got the tape recorder, I
don't remember it being mailed to me or how I had gotten it.  It is a real
mystery how everything happened and the way I regained my consciousness.
It was like someone shook me and woke me up.  The only way I can remember
or understand how long I was in that dream world is by the ranking system
that they had for when I got the beating from Mr. Walters I was Grub with a
zero and when I regained consciousness I was pioneer.  I do remember going
to school to Mr. Moore`s class and I think I was assigned to the boxing
team.  I did not remember that I when back to the band hall.  I remember
the team would go to the baseball field and run 5 laps but I would have to
do always one more lap than the rest of the boys.  I was being called to
the infirmary every other day to have my teeth cleaned and having all my
bad teeth filled.  I understand now why I was put on a boxing team. They
wanted to get my legs back in shape because at first I could hardly walk
let alone run.  They were preparing my muscles in my legs so that no one
would be able to tell what was done during the beating.  Also the dental
work to show how outstanding the reformatory had been for me and how well
that they took care of us, for if ever my mother had taken them to
court this was a good presentation.  This was how sadistic this reformatory
was.  They had the personnel to back them up and no one would say anything.
I think it was on a Saturday because all the boys were at the cottage and I
had to go to the boxing gym and run laps.  I had started up the sidewalk
from Roosevelt cottage and Fred Condit had it in for me and he was waiting
in behind a small cedar at the side of the dormitory which was out of
bounds.  He said he wanted to whip my ass so I went over to oblige him.  He
came at me and tried to kick me the balls but I avoided his attack, at that
same time I hit him with a hay maker right on his big nose.  He then
grabbed his nose and said you broke my dam nose and ran back inside of
Roosevelt these cottage.  I went on to the boxing gym and done my laps.

I returned to the cottage that afternoon and went into the locker room and
there was Fred Condit`s friend,he wanted to whip my butt for what I had
done earlier to Fred`s nose.  We began to fight and fight and fight, it
must have went on for about 15 minutes all around the locker room for about
the whole cottage had come to see the action.  The cottage father had the
fight broken up.  I can't remember the boys name but I do remember that he
was an upcoming ace.  Now the ranking of ace as you have read in the
previous pages is the highest rank you can achieve at the reformatory.  Why
would a upcoming ace start the fight in the first place.  And as you can
see I think I was being set up again to see if the psychiatrist had made me
to forget by his use of mind block about the beating.  At that time the
government was having doctors perform this experiment in the study of

For fighting on the weekend you were written up and the disciplinary
committee came to the  cottage and you were dropped in rank or you would be
offered to have the disciplinary paddle off.  I was already on the going
home list so I told Mr. Sealander that I would wish to have the write up
paddle off.  The upcoming ace had the same done with his write up.  We were
then driven to the White House were we received our spanking for it was
nothing more than a pinky as of the 600 or so men in their sixties would
have called it today.  It was a spanking the only spanking I ever got at
the reformatory, the rest were beatings and Mr. Williams was the witness to
this and event.  Now I wonder if I had ever mentioned to any one that was
assigned to the Roosevelt cottage for this was considered the puke cottage.
Just about all the boys in Roosevelt cottage would run to the man the
cottage father and tell him anything they heard me say that would get me
into trouble or about  the  beating I received previously by Mr. Walters.

Do any of you think that has read this story that if I would have mentioned
anything to anybody, would I have got out of the Florida school for Boys at
Mariana Florida alive.  I was released about two months later and I'll
returned home to Pensacola, Florida.

For some reason of which I don't even understand even today, why I was
put on juvenile probation in Escambia, county.  I had to go to the
probation office every week and every time a vehicle was stolen the police
came to my door and I would have to produce an alibi for the time the car
was stolen.  This happened four or five times within about four months and
I was getting very aggravated by the situation I was being put into.  I was
leaving the probation office after I had spoken to my probation officer
about the police always checking Of my were abouts.  So the probation
officer told me they were just doing their job for I was a criminal before.
I was very disgusted when I left the probation office and was walking down
the sidewalk and there was a 1959 Plymouth with the keys in it.  I got into
the vehicle and started the engine and was backing up when an individual
came to the passenger window and said, what are you doing in my car and
being very quick at lying I told him, that I was backing the car so my
mother could get out.  I then shut the engine off and got out of the car
and started to walk down the street and before I knew it the individual had
me by the arm and said you were stealing my car.  The man took me in the
store and call the police and had me arrested.  I was charged with
attempted auto theft.

I guess you are wondering why I was doing this, I was very mad and
disgusted when I left the probation`s office.  I was going to leave the
state and try to make a new life for myself and all I wanted a vehicle for
was to get there.
This is to give you an idea as to how the government treated you after your
release, and the reason the juvenile system within the state of Florida had
so large of a percentage of boys go to prison after their stay at the
Florida school for boys.

I do swear for this to be the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help
me God:

Signed:  Donald Fred Smith