The Dozier/Florida School For Boys Investigation

The following text is excerpts from four articles whose links are below. This is to give you a quick look at what our complaint is about. This case has been ongoing for 5
years and justice has yet to be served. However, a forensic team from the University of South Florida has made a startling discovery:

A team from the University of South Florida, headed by Professor Erin Kimmerle and Dr. Richard Estabrook is conducting research at the historic Dozier Boot Hill
Cemetery. Their archaeological research will consist of remote sensing and ground penetrating radar to determine the number, location, and identity of graves.

After clearing the area, her team has determined that a total of 49 graves exist. All are unidentified. "We found burials within the current marked cemetery, and then we
found burials that extend beyond that," Kimmerle said.

Kimmerle, who worked on an international forensics team that amassed evidence used in war crimes trials from the conflicts in the former Yugoslavia, called the Florida
project a humanitarian effort for the families of the former students and for the community.

Adding to the mystery, Kimmerle's team has determined, based on reports from former workers and students, that another cemetery exists on the 1,400-acre property.

Researchers have also found "sufficient evidence" to conclude there's likely another clandestine cemetery on school property, in a patch of woods on the south side of
campus, which had been reserved for white students during segregation.

Governor Charlie Crist on 12/9/2008 requested that a investigation be made into 31 unmarked and nameless graves found on the black side of the facility. Even
though they admitted that they had no records, or reported a loss of records, they managed to come up with 31 names for the 31 crosses. They did no search as in
ground penetrating radar or cadaver dogs. They simply explained it away on paper. The FDLE stated that "all graves had been accounted for and named." The school
was closed in 2011. When Professor Kimmerle and Dr. Richard Estabrook arrived at the site they found, within a week, 19 more graves, hidden and unmarked in the
dense undergrowth just 30' from the original graveyard.

Their identities are unknown or how they died. These are teenagers, or worse, pre-teens. The FDLE's report is crumbling around them. Florida, however, has a long
history of covering up crimes such as this and we need your help. Please sign the petition that will show them that this cover up cannot go on and must stop. Let them
know that they must admit this dark chapter, uncover all of the remains of the boys and give them a proper burial or release their bodies to their relatives. The State of
Florida has, at least, that responsibility.

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