"The Horrors of the White House"

The importance of showing this film is to show that what the State of Florida, the FDLE, Troy Tidwell, Lenox Williams, Arthur Dozier and others described as
"spankings" where "no boys ever received more than 15 "gentle licks" as if delivered by a loving parent, were in fact brutal whippings with a leather whip (flogging)
banned by Governor Hardee in 1922 as "too brutal for even the most hardened convict." Tidwell swore under oath he never "raised  the whip over his head." We
refute this monstrous lie. This film will be shown to the Florida legislature in the upcoming senate hearing, introduced by  Senator Arthenia Joyner (D-Tampa), and
Senator Mike Fasano (R-Port Richey) for the relief of over 300 men who suffered horrific abuse at the Dozier/Florida School For Boys in Marianna, Florida. The story
of the Dozier / Florida School For Boys was reported on CNN, ATI, Miami Herald, Florida Times Union, API, WMBB, Tampa Bay Times, and other TV and
Newspapers too numerous to mention.

This film will be presented to the legislature by the representing attorneys. The fact is, this type of abuse and deaths are going on behind closed doors every day.
The church "camps" which are all over the nation, are beyond any type of regulatory inspection as they are on privately owned property. Wilderness "retreats and
camps" are in every state, controlled by church or privately run corporations. Facilities for mentally challenged juveniles are understaffed and those who are staff
members have little or no training, including emergency medical. The brutality in this film is no exaggeration, as proven by the number of children dying by beatings,
rough "take downs," restraints and lack of medical attention. When Judge Adams beat his daughter with a belt and she posted it on YouTube, it went viral, people
were outraged, some wanted to kill the man. As shocking as it was, it was mild compared to what the boys in Dozer received and their counterparts, at this very
moment, are suffering behind a pretty facade and closed doors. Most of the boys at Dozier described the grounds as "beautiful" when they first arrived. It was, from
it's inception in 1900 to its closure in 2011, a Beautiful Hell. Showing this film may arouse a fury in people to press harder on the subject of institutional abuse. These
terrible abuses must stop and will only stop when the abusers are held accountable and prosecuted. Then, and only then, can Florida step out of the darkness of its
criminal acts against children and hopefully, some day, become an example of justice and mercy for those who deserve compassion.........OUR YOUTH.

This short film depicts what really took place inside the "whitehouse" torture room at the Florida School For Boys aka The Dozier School For Boys in Marianna,
Florida. The United States Justice Department, in its report dated December 1, 2011, refuted the FDLE's whitewash of the abuse and violence that occurred within
and Troy Tidwell's monstrous lie that he "never raised the whip over his head" and no boy ever received more than "15 gentle "licks" for the most serious offense. He
said this under oath but will not submit to a polygraph test. The DOJ Department of Civil Rights Division issued a scathing report confirming the abuse at Dozier and
sent a warning to Governor Scott that the letter was "serving them notice" on the abuse that is still going on. The DJJ quickly closed two abusive facilities and fired
supervisors and staff at the facility where an 18-year-old died in West Palm Beach lockup when he became ill and psychotic. Prior to the DOJ warning they were not
concerned of the abuse they knew existed, but now, they are concerned about their jobs. The closing of Dozier and the DOJ intervention changed the climate of
abuse in institutions all across Florida.

                                  Disclaimer for The Horrors of the White House


This film is a depiction of what took place when a boy at FSB was whipped in the punishment room at the "white house" building. Whereas nothing or no one person
could accurately capture the fear and horror that these  11-14 yr old boys were subjected to as they awaited their turn, hearing the groans, screams, cries and
pleadings of their peers, the act of the beatings (floggings) are filmed in exact detail. The FDLE, Troy Tidwell, Lenox Williams and Aurthur G. Dozier referred to them
as "Spankings"  and claimed that no boy ever received over 15 "gentle licks." Tidwell swore under oath he never "raised  the whip over his head." We refute this
monstrous lie with numerous historical data, government officials and workers at the FSB institution who witnessed these beatings and described them as "sickening,
barbaric, brutal, repulsive and criminal in nature." Witnessed by: O.J. Keller, Audie Langston,  Dr. Eugene Byrd, Senate President Louis de LaParte, Governor
Claude Kirk, Jack Levine, Chaplin Andrew Bowers, employee Jim Morris and 300+ men who were child inmates and will attest to the severity of these beatings. All are
willing to submit to a polygraph test on the beatings.


Four Examples From Witnesses:

Audie E. Langston said in a short interview: "It was not a good thing. The people who were doing it thought they needed that method of control." Back then, Langston
wrote a letter to his boss, O.J. Keller. He called what he saw "sickening."

"A young boy [was] taken into a stark, bare, dimly lit room where he was compelled to lie on a small cot and receive licks with a heavy leather strap. The strap was
wielded by a man who was at least six foot 3 inches tall and weighed well over 200 pounds. His swing could be likened to a strong tennis serve as with a whip like
effect at the end of the downswing. The results are sickening. The child quivers and writhes in a contorted manner from the pain of a sadistic treatment. Not only
repulsive but somewhat criminal in nature."  The letter, which Keller made public, spurred a push to ban corporal punishment.

Andrew Bowers, a chaplain at the Dozier School from 1959 to 1963, recalls: For most of its history, Dozier freely practiced flogging as a method of discipline, or as a
matter of whim. Mr.  Bowers remembers,  "they would spank the boys when they did wrong or really whenever they wanted to. Many beatings were administered with
a "weighted leather flogging strap."

Dr. Wexler is dead, but his daughter remembers helping her father, who had poor eyesight, when her family lived on campus. Sheila Wexler says she occasionally
treated boys who had cuts or welts on their behind. "But if they needed a stitch," she says, "It would only be a few."

Dr. Eugene Byrd, a psychologist, that in a one-day hearing of the US Subcommittee on Juvenile Delinquency in Washington, testified that he witnessed a beating,
and when asked what his opinion was of the beating, said: "In my opinion, it is brutality."