There is no doubt that many deaths (killings) occurred at the Florida Industrial School for Boys at Marianna. Most
will be denied by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement as well as the Department of Juvenile Justice. It
appears that even the deaths that can be substantiated will be covered up and considered as nothing more than a
“normal passing.”

Below is an article which appeared in the Florida School for Boys Yellow Jacket Newspaper on July 10, 1961 as well
as a picture of Edgar Elton, a sixteen year old boy, who was unnecessarily murdered during an illegal football
practice in the school gymnasium.

Below is a firsthand account of the event as witnessed by the Florida
School for Boys’ Quarterback, Jerry Cooper and could be substantiated
by at least six other witnesses who were at the scene as well as the entire
football team. Is there some reason why this young man’s death cannot
be investigated as there is no “statute of limitations” on murder or
possible manslaughter.

This is the truth how Edgar Elton died on July 10th 1961. The Yellow
Jacket football team was in a practice session in the gym that day. It was
not a physical fitness class as reported by the Yellow Jacket Newspaper
which I just saw for the first time today Feb.18, 2010 which I received from
Roger Kiser. The whole article is a complete and total Lie.
I was the second player in line behind Edgar during a very fast pace passing session. It was extremely fast and very exhausting, and it was very difficult for every team
member to keep pace. Edgar went into an asthma attack and fell to his knees. Gasping for air, he told me he couldn’t breath and that he had a letter given to the
school (by parents and his private doctor) that he was not suppose to be playing any form of sports. I told him to go to Troy Tidwell and Mr. Hatton who were both
present in the gym. As he climbed to his feet and stumbled toward them; he was met by Tidwell about half-court. Tidwell screamed “get your fucking ass back in line.”
When I broke line to tell them he was having a breathing attack; Hatton reached up to his side and placed his hand on his pistol, which he carried under the gray jacket
he always wore. Tidwell turned toward me and then he began screaming calling me a “motherfucker”. The next run Edgar made would be his last. He collapsed and
died within a minute. He was not rushed to the hospital as stated in the article. Dr. Wexler showed up ten or fifteen minutes later and pronounced him dead. His lifeless
body was lying on the floor. No other Doctor was involved, whatsoever.

I can only surmise whoever gave this story to the Yellow Jacket Newspaper was hiding or wanted to cover up why and how the boy died. We need to find the student
who wrote this story and find out who ordered him to report this article in this manner.

What was the purpose for all these lies; other than to cover up a murder or manslaughter conviction for those responsible?

We were told by the staff that we were breaking rules by practicing football at this time and that was why our team was being hidden in the gym.

Now how would I know that we were practicing illegally if I had not been told? The school had hired a professional football player/coach that had been an all-star
quarterback for the state of Florida, who went on to play quarterback position for Denver Bronco’s and the New York Giants. Formally he had been injured and had his
spleen removed. We had a coach who was a permanent employee on staff. Why was such an important coach necessary, like Vic Prinzi, to coach us? He never
actually showed up at any of our games, only during practice sessions. Football was very important to Mr. Dozier, school superintendent, as well as too many of the
other staff. I really think that Vic Prinzi may have been privately compensated by Mr. Dozier and other staff members as he was not on the Florida state payroll. Arthur
Dozier and many other staff members were placing large financial bets on the outcome of the game(s). That was the advantage of us having a pro player coach and
practicing illegally ( not within season regulations) while holding our training exercises hidden inside the gym and then later on hiding our practice sessions behind the
baseball field, located behind the large school house.

Jerry Cooper