SB 44: Relief/Victims Florida Reform School for Boys/DJJ


Relief/Victims Florida Reform School for Boys/DJJ; Provides relief for victims who were abused while confined to the
Florida Reform School for Boys located in Marianna and Okeechobee. Compensates them for injuries and damages
sustained as a result of the abuses perpetrated by the personnel of the reform schools. Provides a limitation on the
payment of fees and costs, etc. CLAIM WITH APPROPRIATION: Indeterminate
EFFECTIVE DATE: upon becoming a law.

Dear Senator:

As noted in the intense and immense amount of press coverage given to the pleas of the victims of Florida’s
notorious White House, the overwhelming anecdotal evidence and sworn statements of multitudes of these former
victims offers irrefutable evidence that atrocious crimes were committed, and may still be taking place behind the
closed gates and doors of other institutions. In going through hundreds of comments attached to the news articles
most of the citizens of Florida are outraged and not buying the FDLE's thin whitewash of what is the worst case of
institutionalized child abuse in the history of the United States.

Florida has had a dark history of prison abuse that goes back 100 years. Surely, in this enlightened age it is time for
a change. The continued cover up of abuse at Florida Institutions only sends the message to the perpetrators that
there will be no repercussions nor punishment for brutalizing children. When Florida admits to the crimes that take
place in their own institutions and punish the guilty, then, and only then, will this chain of abuse be broken.

When Dozier School (former Florida School for Boys) fell under the microscope of the public, changes were brought
about or the school would have been closed. A new superintendent took charge and Dozier passed its first Quality
Assurance Report after several failures. It should not take national news and a scandal to bring forth change.
Please consider voting for this bill that will send a message to all of Florida that a new day is beginning for the
Juvenile Justice System.