December 12, 2012  August 6,2013 Cabinet Meeting Clears The Path To Truth
How the State of Florida Is Attempting To Cover Up The Largest Case
Of Institutional Child Abuse In America
By Robert W. Straley                                               

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The State of Florida allowed boys from 8-17 yrs old to be flogged (a weighted leather strap with a wooden
handle) for 68 years at the Florida School For Boys aka The Dozier School For Boys. The younger boys 11-13yrs
received the most of the whippings, from 15 to 25 to 50 to 100 lashes. This is a true story backed up by history and
hundreds of witnesses. This is the story of the horriffic brutality inflicted upon children in this facility.

The Florida School For Boys in Marianna
Federal Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division Report
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[1] DECEMBER 1, 2011  Finally, justice has been served. The Justice Department's Civil Rights Division
released a harsh criticism of conditions at the Dozier School For Boys (now closed) and the Jackson
Juvenile Offender Center.
The report said the state’s “failed system of oversight and accountability” likely has
resulted in dangerous conditions at youth prisons throughout the state." “These conditions return youth to the
community no better-, and likely less-equipped to succeed than when they were first incarcerated.” Florida’s youth
corrections system is so poorly administered that children are assaulted by officers, denied necessary medical care
and punished harshly for minor infractions, a federal report released Friday concludes.
Conditions are so
severe, the U.S. Department of Justice said, that they violate the Constitution.

Carol Marbin Miller's Original Video That Broke the Dozier Story


The State of Florida Apologizes  for 68 years of State Sanctioned Flogging of Boys 8-17 yrs old.
The Florida School For Boys aka The Dozier School for Boys "Sealing of the WhiteHouse Ceremony"



[2] In October 21, 2008 the gates of the Dozier School (FSB) were opened so a group of five men, now in their
sixties, could be taken to a ceremony that the State of Florida and the Juvenile Justice Department had sanctioned.
The members of the DJJ who approved the ceremony were Bonnie Rogers, Samadhi Jones, Christy Dely, and
Frank Pinella. There, amid roughly 50 spectators, the men were to speak of their experience in front of the
"whitehouse" punishment room which had been closed for four decades. They could speak of the past, not the
present, that being the only restriction. The ceremony was hosted by Mary Zahasky and Gus Barreiro.

[3] The ceremony was conducted with the presentation of a plaque which promised that these types of abuses
would never happen or be tolerated  again. At some point the "whitehouse" was to be torn down. The men were
taken to a graveyard with 31 unmarked crosses amidst the woods, accessed by a dirt road.
When the story went
nationwide on the Associated Press, CNN & Miami Herald the next day, the officials at Dozier said "it was
neither an admission nor an apology."
Then what was it and why was the ceremony even conducted? Damage
control appears to be the reason with a continuation of denial of events of the past.
The cover up began on that
day and continues to this very day
as more abuses are uncovered; yet are without, admissions or apologies,
nothing changes it would appear. The FDLE merely followed suite and " the whitehouse was once again
whitewashed and a broader cover up has begun."
An Account of the brutal whippings click this line.

[4] "When we left the ceremony that day we felt a deep and emotional sense of relief, we had been given an
apology however meager, we felt it was a beginning. Never, in the history of Florida had former inmates been
allowed back inside an institution to reconcile a wrongdoing by the State. The State of Florida had admitted to the
vicious whippings that had happened in this frightening white cinder block building. We felt somewhat vindicated for
the past transgressions perpetrated against us and hoped we could finally move on with our lives. Then the very
next day the facility blatantly denies us closure and acts as if the ceremony never occurred and their expressed
words rang with little or no remorse. Those empty promises and dishonest words that meant nothing to the state,
still prevail to this day.

[5] Senator Al Lawson stated at a Jackson County Chamber of Commerce meeting in Marianna that he would try to
have the plaque removed from the notorious "whitehouse" punishment room. The citizenry of Marianna felt it was a
"stain" on their town. As well it should be as they surrounded the boy's school with a wall of silence. They knew the
boys were being brutalized, but put jobs and money over human compassion and dignity. This went on from the
time it opened in 1900 to 1968 when
O.J. Keller finally stopped the use of leather whips.

[6] FDLE says the cemetery was known to everyone back in the early 1900's and got lost in time. If it was
the graveyard back to 1900, then where are the rest of the bodies? During these early years boys were thrown in
with the convicts at night, subject to poor nutrition, sickness, worked as adults in the fields, whipped brutally if they
did not perform a man's work, how many died from that alone?
Does the FDLE expect the public to believe that
the 31 unmarked graves stand for all that died from 1900 when this institution opened and began its
brutal journey?
This does not stand up to simple logic.

If you think boys were not flogged to death read this:

[7] It would be a sight more than 31. If just one a year died, there would be an extra 50 bodies ( 1900-1950 ) and I
think that would be a low estimate, more like a minimum of three, unclaimed by parents. There were many throw-
away boys in this institution.
Where are the rest of the boys buried? Source:

[8] What the FDLE has done is write a blank check of immunity to any brute that works in the DJJ system. Instead
of sending the message that this will never happen again they have sent the message that this can happen again
and we will defend the abusers.

[9] After searching the FDLE's report, as to the beatings, I find there is no mention of any other boy/man other than
the original four White House boys, Roger Kiser, Robert Straley, Michael O. McCarthy and Dick Colon. There are
probably 75 to 100 men that received worse beatings than the above mentioned. Donald Smith, Bill Haynes and
Jerry Cooper, each received well over 100 lashes, yet they are not mentioned in the FDLE's report.
Jerry Cooper,
at his own expense, took a lie detector test to confirm that his allegations were true. His scars were photographed.
He passed the test and challenged Troy Tidwell to take a lie detector test as well. In Tidwell's statements of the
beatings he says: "I never gave more than 10-15 gentle blows and never raised the whip over my head." He
refused to submit to a polygraph test. He pled the Fifth Admendent when questioned over the death of Edgar Elton

[10] Andrew Bowers, a chaplain at the Dozier School from 1959 to 1963, recalls: For most of its history, Dozier
practiced flogging as a method of discipline, or as a matter of whim. Mr.  Bowers remembers,  "they
would spank the boys when they did wrong
or really whenever they wanted to. Some of them they treated
pretty bad. Sometimes they'd spank the children until they couldn't sit down for days.
Many beatings were
administered with a "weighted leather flogging strap."
Source:     starting at page 15-18.
Read it in text:

[11] Source:The Miami News, March 6, 1958: A study made of 250 white boys committed at one time to
Marianna showed that at that point been given 691 whippings among them. Eleven year old boys received 260 or
38% of the beatings, and 17-year-old boys receive 21, or 3%. The older the boy, the fewer the beatings he
received, records of the school showed at that time. End Source. Was this fear of retribution from the older boys or
sadistic pleasure by the "whipmasters?"

[12] The report smacks of being superficial and trivial in nature, there is a huge omission of testimony and facts,
not to mention the
history of the school, in which these abuses are well documented all the way back to 1903. In
that time in which we were there, in the 50s and 60s, there was
testimony by Dr. Eugene Byrd before the U.S.

Senate President Louis De La Parte' who hearing of the beatings, drove to FSB and came back to report to the
local newspapers of "a blood splattered shed" which called for a state grand jury to intervene. This was squelched
by Dempsey Barron, a legislative powerhouse. The FDLE says there was no evidence of blood found in the
WhiteHouse. What they did not say was that the building was open to the elements by a narrow slit with bars that
ran along the building in different places. After four decades of exposure to rain, mold and bacteria there would
have been no blood evidence to find.

During a visit at FSB
Judge Frank Orlando, of Fort Lauderdale stated: "When a couple of boys I sent up there
came over to say hello I felt like a rat for sending them to that place.
"Governor Kirk: "If one of your kids were
kept in such circumstances you'd be up here with rifles"
Kirk said after a half day tour of the schools at
Marianna and Okeechobee. "Somebody should have blown the whistle on Marianna a long time ago"
Jack Levine
and Claudia Wright took an unannounced trip to FSB and found boys as young as ten were being hogtied. They
followed up with a class action law suite which eventually made major changes in the DJJ system.

Unimaginable Conditions
On the morning of September 1, 1944, Earl Wilson, a teenage prisoner at the Florida Industrial School at Marianna,
Florida, was found dead in a "confinement cottage" (a cell approximately 7 feet by 10 feet, resembling a concrete
bunker), where petitioner Foxworth (then 14 years of age) and seven other teenage boys (ages 11 to 17) had
been held for periods varying from a few days in the case of some of the boys to a few weeks in the case of
Foxworth himself. The cell contained one set of bunk beds, an open bucket for toilet needs (emptied once daily), a
bucket for drinking water, and a continuously burning light bulb.

Roy Manella, an official of the U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare, said at a Tallahassee
news conference that "the Marianna institution was one of the worst examples in the nation of a boys' reform
school. " Newspapers called it a monstrosity, 1400 acres of hell, all in all there are 64 newspaper archive reports
that have been open to the public since at least 1958 and are listed on our web site. Many back up our allegations
to the hilt. Source:

Lenox Williams, a former superintendent, was deposed in a court case: “Did the beatings ever get out of
hand?” the attorney asked.  He answered:  “At times it did, yes.” In an interview by Ben Montgomery, Tampa Bay
Times, Williams stated: He may have been aware of the beatings before he was appointed to superintendent in
1966. He paused over his grits, "I think there were some who might have enjoyed it on our staff. "They might have
enjoyed the over-beating."  Source: Ben Montgomery, St. Pete Times
 "For Their Own Good"

Audie E. Langston, former state superintendent said he didn't want to talk. "I just happened to be there when they
caught a kid who was a runner. They caught him and took him into that building and one of the guys said, 'You
should see this” Langston said in a short interview. "It was not a good thing. The people who were doing it thought
they needed that method of control." Back then, Langston wrote a letter to his boss, O.J. Keller. He called what he
saw "sickening."

"A young boy [was] taken into a stark, bare, dimly lit room where he was compelled to lie on a small cot and receive
licks with a heavy leather strap. The strap was wielded by a man who was at least six foot 3 inches tall and weighed
well over 200 pounds. His swing could be likened to a strong tennis serve as with a whip like effect at the end of the
downswing. The results are sickening. The child quivers and writhes in a contorted manner from the pain of a
sadistic treatment. It is not only repulsive but somewhat criminal in nature."  Source: Ben Montgomery, St. Pete
 "For Their Own Good"

Howard James, Christian Science Monitor Reporter
Another critic of the Florida system, Christian Science Monitor reporter Howard James, told the subcommittee
earlier this year Marianna inmates are often beaten black and blue, sometimes until they bleed with a
weighted leather paddle. James told the subcommittee the major problem is the type of people attracted to jobs
there: "sadists, homosexuals, dull workers who can't find work anywhere else and those who care deeply about
children" And James told the Dodd committee, "most" fall into the third category.

We believe that the FDLE report was not only poorly done, but staged by the FDLE agents, including
civilians who contributed to the report, as well as DJJ Staff, during the investigation. Their actions were criminal,
contrived in nature so as to betray the public trust and to protect the guilty among the Dozier staff who knew that
boys were subject to brutal abuse, both whipping with weighted leather razor belts (flogging) and sexual abuse for
68 years, including the abuse that went on after 1968 to this day. Leather whips went to hog-tying then to fists,
elbows and deadly restraints, which are being used today in 2012 in juvenile facilities. Refer:

[16] To know of the felony abuse of a minor and not report it is a felony in the State of Florida. There are many
men still alive that worked at this facility who are guilty of not reporting felony abuse of a child and are still within the
statute of limitations. These men could be prosecuted and are presently employed at facilities around the state.

[17] I noticed there was no acknowledgment of this statement made by Sheila Wexler, who was Dr. Wexler's
daughter. His daughter remembers helping her father, who had poor eyesight, when their family lived on campus.
Sheila Wexler says she occasionally treated boys who had cuts or welts on their behind. "But if they
needed a stitch, It would only be a few."
 Would you beat your child until they only needed to use stitches? A
casual, horrific statement shows the mind set of the staff at Marianna, as openly stated by Dr. Wexler's own
daughter. A statement that not only supports the victims allegations of savage beatings, but renders the mind-set
of the residents of Jackson County. Source: St. Petersburg Times

[18] In early 2009 we were lucky to obtain as a writer,
Robin Gaby Fisher, Pulitzer Prize winning investigative
reporter and now full time writer: After The Fire (non-fiction) book and also has a documentary movie trailer. Robin
"The Boys of the Dark" A Story of Betrayal and Redemption in the Deep South published by St. Martin's
Press, our non-fiction account of how this fifty year old secret came to national attention. Robin Gaby Fisher
interviewed many people in Jackson County and provided a compelling account of the 111 year old facility and the
town of Marianna that protected it in a veil of secrecy for decades. Roger Kiser published his own book:
"The White
House Boys" An American Tragedy.

[19] The State of Florida seems to have overlooked one thing: on October 21, 2008 Roger Kiser, Robert
Straley, Dick Colon, Michael O'McCarthy and Bill Haynes were taken into the FSB/Dozier grounds to
conduct the "Sealing of the Whitehouse Ceremony"
to give a short speech, to be presented with a plaque in
admission to their suffering, to plant a tree in remembrance of that day, and to view the 31 unmarked crosses. This
was filmed by Carole Marbin Miller, of The Miami Herald, reported by Brendan Farrington, Associated Press, Rich
Phillips & Ed Lavandera, CNN. The story went nationwide the next day. For all of you who look down on us and try
to stop our journey to justice remember this:
The officials knew of the abuse and brutal whippings or the
ceremony would have never taken place. It was an admission and an apology
. You cannot change history.


JUST IN 12/11/12  Get to the bottom of Dozier deaths By Tampa Bay Times Editorial

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A Film That Depicts The Beatings At The
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BREAKING NEWS   Erin Kimmerle, Assistant Professor, USF Department of Anthropology and Richard
Estabrook Director, Central Regional Center of the Florida Public Archeology Network, and their team is now
conducting a forensic dig at the Dozier School "Boot Hill" location. So far they have cleared land and found over
20 anomalies, some of which indicate grave shafts. These were unmarked and hidden in the dense growth for
an undetermined time. Kimmerle said it's clear that the marked cemetery doesn't account for all of the burials.
USF Team Looks For Lost Graves at Closed Dozier
School for Boys By Ben Montgomery, Times Staff Writer
Boothill Cemetery Project USF
USF Researchers Dig for Answers at
the Dozier School for Boys USF News
Hennig USF News
Feds asked to examine Florida school  
deaths mystery By Rich Phillips, CNN
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Total At Dozier School For Boys By Gannett
News Service By: Preston Rudie, WTSP-CBS
VIDEO: Senator Bill Nelson & Professor
Erin Kimmerle Press Conference on
More time granted to search for graves at
former boys' school By Tanya Arja
UPDATE: This administration will allow exhumation of the graves at Dozier: