Miranda's Story

From: Miranda Hardin

I am writing you because the love of my life was at Dozier in the 80's
and the place was still abusive. He witnessed abuse and was made to fight
other boys, he was "pitted". He was told that if he didn't fight he would
be punished. He said that the guards had a big group of black youth to jump
him and beat him bad.

He was 15 or 16 years old and was sent by HRS for stealing a car that he
actually did not steal. They made his mother believe
"it was best for him". He witnessed the mentally challenged youth being
taken to the "white house " and kids being handcuffed to their beds.

He went in as a scared boy and left with anger and rage towards others and
authority. He has been to prison for assault charges for fighting. That
place as early as the 80's, psychologically scarred him. He is now trying
to work through his pain and anger.

It will always haunt him. I often wonder what his life would have been like
if he had never been introduced to such a place. I feel that he would have
never served prison time or been a felon on record for life. There needs to
be accountability. He doesn't blame others for his actions, but he now
does realize the scars changed him. It is appalling, it is an outrage!

I want to tell you how grateful I am for you and others speaking out.
It is a part of healing and it may help others. If there is anything that I
can do to help, please let me know. Petitions, letters, ect.