The Sender Will Remain Anonymous For Now

We hope this letter will be the spark that reveals what
went on in the Girl's Reform School in Ocala

Sent: Sunday, September 05, 2010 1:29 AM
Subject: My sister in Ocala girls reform school about1955

My sister, incarcerated in the girls home in Ocala in 1954-55

I remember going to visit her. We met her on the grounds away from the buildings. No seating was
available, so we sat on the ground.

My sister pointed out a building where she attended school and If memory serves me right, the main
building was two story and painted white.

I recall her telling my mother "They beat some of the girls with a rubber hose." . If she gave any details, I
don't remember them, but I do recall she mentioned one girl trying to escape out a window in the second

After my sister was released she died a tragic death at age 18.

My mother said, "she was sent there for having a fight with another girl on the street."

It's hard to believe a young girl would be sent to reform school for such a minor thing . . . But after reading
about the boys reform school in Marianna, I don't doubt what my mother said..

Although its been reported unwed mothers were not sent to this school, I have nagging doubts. After all,
could the state be trusted during this time, given what went on at the boys school?  Denial may only be that
. . But whose to say they didn't black market unwed mothers babies too?

I wish you would report more on the girls school.

Thank you,

The sister