I've just played all the video that was on the website and I am so glad that this is
making it's way to the public.  My husband was there in '59-'60.  He was 15 when he
was sent there for skipping school and running away from home.  His mother told
the courts to send him to Marianna, she couldn't handle him.  I met him about a
month after he came home from there.  I had a hard time believing the stories that he
told me about the beatings and having to be taken to the infirmary to have his pants
removed because of the injuries.  We married a few months later and we lived with
what they did to him (mentally) for 29 years, when he died at 47.

His name was Bethel James and I wish his mother was alive to hear the truth about
that place.  He was a good man in spite of what they did to him.  Thanks for letting
me voice my thoughts!

Pat James