Robert Straley at 13
"Boot Hill Cemetery" Courtesy Rick Flagg
Robert In Front Of The "WhiteHouse"
Robert W. Straley Biography
One of the first to build a factory by hand and
manufacture the chemical glow necklace, a world-
wide, best selling novelty product that continues to
sell by the millions after 50+yrs, wholesaler and
retailer of this novelty and now LED electronic
novelties. Robert worked as a manufacturer and
wholesaler for 15 years and an on the road retailer at
major music festivals throughout the United States for
40 years. Robert's business web site is at:

The Boys of the Dark: A Story of Betrayal and
Redemption in the Deep South

Robin Gaby Fisher with Michael O’McCarthy and
Robert W. Straley,   St. Martin’s Press

THE BOYS OF THE DARK recounts the compelling
story of countless white and black students sent to a
boys reform school in northern Florida, where guards
allegedly physically and sexually abused and even
murdered students in a white-washed cement
outbuilding known as The WhiteHouse. For 50 years,
the boys who spent time at The WhiteHouse fought to
forget what they endured, yet four of these now-men
could not move on. They eventually found one
another and banded together, calling themselves The
White House Boys, and devoting themselves to
bringing their truth and the truth of thousands of
nameless others to light and to justice.
The "Sealing of the WhiteHouse Ceremony" Oct 21, 2008 Held inside the
Dozier campus. Their plaque, apologising for the flogging of boys for 69
years reads as thus:

"In memory of the children who passed these doors, we acknowledge
their tribulations and offer our hope that they have found some
measure of peace.

May this building stand as a reminder of the need to remain vigilant
in protecting our children as we help them to seek a brighter future.

Moreover, we offer the reassurance that we are dedicated to serving
and protecting the youth who enter this campus, and helping them
to transform their lives.”

The Whitehouse
Officially Sealed
by the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice
October 21, 2008

The next day when the story went nationwide, to the dismay of the DJJ,
they stated to the press that the ceremony and plaque was "neither an
apology nor an admission." The cover-up started on that day and the FDLE
followed suite.
Michael O'McCarthy
Sadly, Michael
passed away, yet
without him this
story may have
never been told.
Michael & Dick Colon inside the
WhiteHouse Torture Room
Oct 21, 2008 In Front of Plaque: Left to right: Dick Colon, Michael
O'McCarthy, Roger Kiser, Bill Hayes, Robert Straley
Roger Kiser makes a point at the Sealing of the WhiteHouse Ceremony
O.J. Keller, who stopped the flogging in
1968. He is holding the whip & paddle