Please Remember Me

Row upon row of crosses white,
Plain, unmarked, their names unknown,
Lie children, and short were their lives,
Buried beneath Florida's tall pine trees,
You can almost hear them whisper,
Please remember me ..….

You were big and I was small,
Under your hands, not protected,
But crushed by them, you took my all,
Alone and afraid, where none could see,
I rest uneasy and forgotten,
Please remember me ...…..

R.Straley 2008
The area that the team is exploring surrounds a giant oak tree that dates back to before the school
was open. On the right of the giant oak: Dr. Erin Kimmerle, PhD, Forensic Anthropology, on the left
is: Dr. Richard Estabrook, PhD, Archaeology/Remote Sensing. The University of South Florida
(USF), including the departments of Anthropology, Biology and the Forensic Anthropology
Laboratory, are doing a forensic discovery of the "Boot Hill" cemetery at the now closed Dozier
School For Boys. The red flags are anomalies or grave shafts discovered by ground penetrating
radar since May 2012, after a new portion of land was cleared, about 40 feet from the Boot Hill
cemetery. Why these graves were left with no markers in a section of forest that was completely
overgrown is unknown at this time. Who these boys were is yet to be discovered. When the forensic
dig is completed a report will be issued. It is hard to believe that the state of Florida failed so
miserably as to not even provide a graveyard, with names, when every other prison or mental
facility has done so. The brutal history of the school, from 1900 to 2011 is well documented.
Now, 111yrs later, its cruel past is still being uncovered. This must never be allowed to happen
again. The state of Florida owes these lost and forgotten boys at the very least, a proper burial.

R. Straley
31 Unmarked graves at Dozier Cemetery Courtesy Rick Flagg
Edmund D. Fountain Tampa Bay Times
Edmund D. Fountain Tampa Bay Times
Professor Erin Kimmerle and Dr. Richard Estrabrook stand next to a giant oak over 100 years old. The red flags in
the foreground are indicators of possible grave shafts. These were found a mere 30-40 feet from the original 31
cross graveyard. There were completely hidden from sight in dense underbrush and smaller trees, the land was
cleared and 19 unmarked burial shafts were found. Since this graveyard was on the black side of the property
during a time of total segregation, the question remains: Where is the white cemetery?