The Dozier School For Boys, Marianna, Fl: 49 GRAVES DISCOVERED BY FORENSIC TEAM

Dr. Erin Kimmerle, PhD, Forensic Anthropology
Dr. Richard Estabrook, PhD, Archaeology/Remote Sensing

A team from the University of South Florida, headed by Professor Erin Kimmerle and Dr. Richard Estabrook is conducting research at the historic
Dozier Boot Hill Cemetery. Their archaeological research will consist of remote sensing and ground penetrating radar to determine the number,
location, and identity of graves.

After clearing the area, her team has determined that a total of 49 graves exist. All are unidentified. "We found burials within the current marked
cemetery, and then we found burials that extend beyond that," Kimmerle said.

Adding to the mystery, researchers have also found "sufficient evidence" to conclude there's likely another clandestine cemetery on school property,
in a patch of woods on the south side of campus, which had been reserved for white students during segregation.

I believe this madness and cover up has gone on long enough. A higher power needs to step in and declare the property a crime scene until such
time the whole of the premises could be properly researched and all of the bodies found. The State of Florida failed in their obligation to provide a
proper burial and keep records for the boys that died. These were teens and pre-teens that were kept in a brutal environment, even unto their death.

I would ask you to consider this serious story for your show.

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