Roger:  In January of 2001 I got word from the mother of a state employee who was working at the Boys School,
located in Clewiston, Florida; that boys were being taken out at night, made to strip naked in 36 degree weather,
and made to stand in metal wash tubs full of cold water. Other smaller naked boys were placed on their shoulders
and the boys were made to stand in that manner for as long as three hours at a time. The result of that
investigation proved the allegations to be true.

Robert: The FDLE and the State of Florida have called the abuse claims of the floggings as exaggerated,
embellished or just plain lies. Here is one case that was investiaged by the Dept. of Juvenile Justice they way it
should have been and Roger's allegations were confirmed as true. When will the State of Florida step up to the
plate and acknowledge our claims to be true? These 50-100 lash floggings did occur and sooner of later we will be