Eternal Mausoleums
By Forever Legacy

Contact: Mr. Ron Browning

Call R. Straley for private phone
Please feel free to use their links to read
about design, construction and above all,
the"Eternal Guarantee" which is backed by
a trust fund of millions of dollars.

Please take a look at the "From Granite to
Grandeur: The Creation of an Eternal
Mausoleum" video


Forever Legacy is the premier provider of
custom-built private mausoleums
throughout the United States. We
combine the finest mausoleum artisans in
the country, materials built for both
beauty and longevity, an eternal
guarantee on our work, and the finest
service in the industry to offer a superior
experience from your first call to
mausoleum completion.
Below are two of my favorites. These are built with Barre, Vermont Grey,
the leader in high quality granite. Etchings, diamond etching, plaques
and benches are available as well as custom design.
The Puccini Mausoleum
The Elgar Mausoleum