Robert W. Straley Biography

One of the first to build a factory by hand and manufacture
the chemical glow necklace, a world-wide, best selling novelty
product that continues to sell by the millions after 50+yrs,
wholesaler and retailer of this novelty and now LED electronic
novelties. Robert ran Nashville Glow Light as a manufacturer
and wholesaler for 15 years and an on the road retailer at
major music festivals throughout the United States for 40
years. He recently retired from the road. His web site for the
Marianna Story:h

The Boys of the Dark:
THE BOYS OF THE DARK recounts the compelling story of
countless white and black students sent to a boys reform
school in northern Florida, where guards allegedly physically
and sexually abused and even murdered students in a
white-washed cement outbuilding known as The White House.
For 50 years, the boys who spent time at The White House
fought to forget what they endured, yet four of these
now-men could not move on. They eventually found one
another and banded together, calling themselves The White
House Boys, and devoting themselves to bringing their truth
and the truth of thousands of nameless others to light and to
Link to this page:
A Project Dedicated to the Survivors of the White House
Post Office Box 5817
Clearwater, Fl. 33758
Founder: Michael O'McCarthy
Director of Media - Press Contact:
Robert Straley
Cell Phone: 727-542-4519

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