Dear Senator

My family and I request your support regarding Claims Bill #44 that was
introduced 8th March 2011.

The approval of this bill will offer care and support to those men who were
abused and damaged as children while in the custody of the State of Florida
at state run schools in Marianna and Okeechobee.  This Claims Bill
demonstrates that the State of Florida no longer allows children to be
abused while in its custody.  No child should be subjected to the horrific
abuse and suffering that went on at these state schools by those who are
supposed to be caring for them.

Please review the Bill in its entirety regarding crimes against children.
Children everywhere are asking for your support.

Please review and vote yes for _______________________ (fill this in with
one of the following:   for me, as I was   //  for my husband, who was //
or for my family member who was  )) horribly abused and suffers to this day
and for our children and children's children that they may never again be
abused under the care of the Department of Juvenile Justice. Your vote will
demonstrate that you advocate for the protection of all children and are
willing to preserve justice for those who can't protect themselves.

Thanki you in advance for your consideration to Claims Bill  #44.   I look
forward to a reply stating your position on this bill.


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Address: ________________________________



Telephone No. __________________________