1 said that was there was Mr. Curry and Dr. Sousa.
2 A Yeah.
3 Q Dr. Sousa was a psychiatrist?
4 A He had a little office I think up at Pierce
5 Hall, and --
6 Q That's before --
7 A -- he was a psychiatrist.
8 Q Was that before Pierce Hall was used for
9 solitary confinement?
10 A It was all built for a cottage and the
11 lockups. And then up front it had a lobby up
12 there. And I think Dr. Sousa had a little office up
13 there. I never did go in his office up there but --
14 Q But was his office located in the building
15 at the time that it was being used for solitary
16 confinement?
17 A Yes.
18 Q So you had a psychiatrist in the solitary
19 confinement facility.
20 A Yeah.
21 Q And did Dr. Sousa prescribe drugs for the
22 children? Did he medicate kids?
23 A Not drugs to my knowledge. But soup,
24 special soup made up for the boys.
25 Q What does that mean special soup?
1 A I don't know.
2 Q Was it special soup that would change their
3 conduct, was it some kind of soup that had --
4 A Well, it --
5 Q -- medication in it?
6 A It seemed to help those who had problems.
7 Q Where would one be fed the soup? Where did
8 he give these boys soup?
9 A I'm -- I would think it was at his office.
10 I don't -- I'm not positive on that.
11 Q I think we're on a different wavelength.
12 When you said soup, I'm envisioning somebody being
13 served a bowl and eating soup. Is that what we're
14 talking about?
15 A Yeah.
16 Q So he would give them, is it a fair term,
17 spiked soup, that had something in it?
18 A I don't know that. But whatever it was, it
19 was supposed to help their behavior, is one of the
20 things that I was told.
21 Q And did it change their behavior?
22 A I don't know.
23 Q Do you know who it was that got the soup?
24 A No.
25 Q How did you even learn that the soup was
1 being given to boys?
2 A Discussion among the staff.
3 Q Tell me about the discussion. What they
4 were saying about --
5 A Just kind of laughing and talking about
6 that soup that Dr. Sousa was giving the boys.
7 Q So Dr. Sousa was the psychiatrist that
8 other than soup, you're unaware of any
9 medications --
10 A No.
11 Q -- he was giving boys?
12 A No.
13 Q And Mr. Curry was -- what was his job? Do
14 you know? Was he a psychologist?
15 A The only thing I knew of Mr. Curry was his
16 counseling with the boys. His office was in the
17 back of the superintendent's office.
18 Q Did you ever hear any of the boys
19 complaining about their contact with Mr. Curry?
20 A No.
21 Q Never, ever.
22 A No.
23 Q Was the visit to Mr. Curry something that
24 was required for everybody or was it when there was
25 a problem was perceived?
1 A Certain boys.
2 Q Everybody didn't have to go.
3 A No. To my knowledge they didn't.