Superintendent Lenox, Williams stated that the students received 10 to 15 licks at the most. Former Home Life
Supervisor  William Mitchell stated that he was present during  the spankings and students received 5 to 15
licks at most. Troy Tidwell stated that 15 licks were the maximum for even the most serious offenses. Tidwell stated
that he "never raised the whip over his head."

These beatings were time and time again referred to as "spankings" by these men and the writer of the FDLE report.
These were not "spankings" but floggings with the use of leather whips that were banned for adult convicts in 1922.
The definition of the two is below. No boy ever received a "spanking" with the flat of anyone's hand, which is the true
definition of "spanking." A "Spanking" would not result in scarring, you would not have to be held down or taken to the
hospital for stitches, even if "they were only a few" as stated by Dr. Wexler's daughter. A spanked boy would not have
to be carted off in a wheelbarrow because he could not walk. Shame on all of you who try to diminish the suffering of
hundreds of boys, if not thousands considering the length of time this institution of cruelty has existed. Also read the
last entry here as it relates to charges of civil rights violations of adults who were flogged following a riot. An
interesting note on how little rights we had as children.


From Wikipedia

Spanking is a form of corporal punishment commonly used to discipline an infant, toddler, child, teenager, or in some
cultures women. It typically consists of an adult striking the child's bottom in reaction to poor behavior, with either an
open hand or an implement, without producing physical injury.[1] When an instrument is used in lieu of a hand,
spanking becomes switching, paddling, belting, caning, whipping, or birching, depending on the type of implement.
When an open hand is used, some countries refer to spanking as slapping or smacking. In much of the Western
world, spanking is more likely to be given to younger children than to teens.

"A slap with the flat of the hand"

"To strike (a person, usually a child) with the open hand, a slipper, etc., on the buttocks, as in punishment."

From Wikipedia
Infliction of punishment by dealing blows or whipping.

As well as these traditional whip types designed for use on animals, there are whip designs that had historic uses for
inflicting pain on humans, such as the "cat o' nine tails", knout and others. These devices are used as flogging
instruments, a means of control, corporal punishment or torture.

Whips today are used primarily in animal training for three main purposes:

As an extension of the human arm to give commands to animals by tapping them.
To make a loud sharp sound, to provide direction and command to animals.
To inflict pain. (However, this is considered incorrect use and can be considered animal cruelty in some jurisdictions


flog (fläg, flôg)

transitive verb flogged, flogging flog′·ging

to beat with a strap, stick, whip, etc., esp. as punishment


The Milwaukee Sentinel, April 22, 1952

Colorado Warden in Flogging Count

Denver, April 21

Warden Rory Best of Colorado penitentiary was indicted by
a federal grand jury Monday in connection with the flogging of six convicts
at the prison last July, following a riot.

The jury also the indicted former Deputy Warden Oran Doolin, and seven
prison guards.

Best and the others were indicted on seven counts each. The indictments
accuse the prison officials for violating the civil rights of the six convicts who
were beaten with heavy strap wielded by Best and the guards.
White Collar Crime

America is in the grips of a Cold War, and a mounting red scare uses the
federal criminal justice system to target many Americans. The country's
political left loses its base as Stalin's brutality is revealed and that,
combined with red-baiting, leaves them in shambles. The automobile becomes
a permanent cultural fixture‹and traffic laws follow suit. The crimes of
the wealthy are finally brought to the public's attention, and the category
of white-collar crime is born.

During this era, sociology becomes firmly entrenched, and its distinct
analytical approach in conjunction with psychology is applied to a variety
of targets. Steps are taken to make criminal justice more humane. Corporal
punishment is no longer an option.
The last officially sanctioned flogging
takes place on June 16, 1952, in Delaware.
Big Houses give way to
correctional institutions, where multiple programs and a myriad of
specialists are available to treat inmates.

In 1950, shortly before the Rosenbergs are arrested, the Korean War begins.
It ends in 1953, the year Earl Warren becomes Chief Justice of the Supreme
Court. The landmark Brown v. Board of Education opinion, striking down over
half a century of Jim Crow laws, is just the first of the changes that will
be instituted by the Warren court. The Montgomery Bus Boycott, sparked by
Rosa Parks's arrest, marks the emergence of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as a
leader in the Civil Rights movement. The stage is set for the extraordinary
decade to come...