2010, a Southern Poverty Law Center Retrospective

Federal lawsuit filed in Birmingham on behalf of children maced by school resource officers.

Report released exposing systemic failures in New Orleans schools.

Federal class-action lawsuit filed against the for-profit operators of Mississippi's Walnut Grove Youth Correctional
Facility, charging that the children there are forced to live in barbaric and unconstitutional conditions and are
subjected to excessive uses of force by prison staff.

The report "Injustice on Our Plates: Immigrant Women in the U.S. Food Industry" is released documenting the
workplace experiences of immigrant women who have come to the United States to escape crushing poverty.

Settlement won for woman sexually assaulted at work.

More abuse uncovered at for-profit Thompson Academy juvenile prison in Broward County, Florida.

Settlement reached in New Orleans schools security case. Policy revisions will protect New Orleans students from
abusive restraints, handcuffing and shackling.

Bullied is sent to more than 30,000 schools and tours the country at community showings.

Video produced with law enforcement to educate officers about the "sovereign citizens" movement.

Federal lawsuit filed in Louisiana on behalf of special needs students.

Virginia lawsuit, backed by SPLC, ends with verdict against neo-Nazi Leader.

Teaching Tolerance magazine examines problems of rural schools.

Settlement reached for the widow of an elderly black man shot to death by a white police officer in the town of
Homer, La.

Federal civil rights lawsuit filed against two Cobb County police officers over the stop, arrest and beating of an
unarmed Latino man.

Federal lawsuit filed against Mississippi authorities who took a newborn baby from a Mexican immigrant mother.

Class action lawsuit filed on behalf of hundreds of Filipino guestworkers lured to teach in Louisiana public schools
and then cheated out of tens of thousands of dollars.

Complaint filed on behalf of students with disabilities who are being denied access to the New Orleans' public
schools and are often pushed into schools unable to provide them with the special education services they deserve
under federal law.

Settlement agreement reached in lawsuit against Del Monte Fresh Produce Inc. on behalf of migrant farmworkers
who said they were not paid the wages they were owed for planting, harvesting and packaging vegetables.

Federal lawsuit settled against juvenile detention center in Meridian, Miss. Youths confined at Lauderdale County
Juvenile Detention Facility can no longer be locked in unsanitary cells for 23 hours each day.

Pentagon moves to tighten ban on supremacist activity following SPLC reports about extremists in the ranks.

Lawsuit filed against the state of Mississippi to improve the state's mental health system for children, which fails to
invest in community-based services and instead pumps the bulk of its resources into ineffective, expensive

Lawsuit wins $2.75 million settlement for exploited forestry workers.