Warning: Banned Subjects in Guestbooks

Dear Brothers and sister survivors and other so affected by the State of Florida juvenile authorities:

Our anger is a natural product of the beatings, tortures and rapes forced upon us by the men of the Florida School
for Boys and Girls. We have a right to vent that anger ... for it to be heard. that is a healthy and therapeutic act.

We of the White House Survivors Organization DO NOT ENDORSE NOR CONDONE any threats to Florida State
officials, to State property or to anyone so connected. We REFUTE ANY AND ALL threats to government officials
whether they be the Governor of the State of Florida, Charlie Crist, or to any other person, in or out of government.

Any comments of  terrorist type threats should be reported immediately to the FDLE. We have deleted several of
these from the Guestbook that alluded to a possible terror attack upon the State or persons employed therein.

We seek redress of our grievances and reparations to make us and our families whole again. We have the
constitution of the State of Florida, that of the United States of America and the laws of the land to exhaust in our

Let us be better citizens than those that terrorized us, those that seek to enable it to continue, those that coverup
the atrocities, those that refuse to acknowledge the truth and seek to deny us our day in court and our just due..

Be patient. There is a long struggle ahead and it cant be won by White House Boys or Girls who threaten violence
or blackmail of the state.

Yours, Michael

Profanity or attacks against persons or any threats will be removed weather it be the FDLE or other
whitehouseboys, no exceptions, this is for whitehouseboys to contact each other, not for anyone to
post their own agenda.