Last Name

Note: This list consists of 58 men who sent in their stories. There are 242+ that have not sent in stories,
but the lawyers have their names and I am sure they will testify as to the beatings they received. As you
will note there is not one boy who received the "ten gentle licks during what the FDLE described as
"Spankings" As Dr Byrd said as he testified during the U.S. Senate's Committee on the Judiciary: "In my
personal opinion it is brutality."

Jerry Cooper      135 lashes  By: Tidwell

Jim James    80 Lashes  By: Tidwell

Don Smith          164 Lashes  67 lashes then 97 lashes (for talking of beating), same day  By: Walters & Williams.
Cottage Father Hollon threatened to go to authorities, left 30 days later.

Bill Haynes         145 Lashes:  45 lashes then 100 By Tidwell & Hatton on same day

Freddie J. Williams    100 lashes  By: Crockett

Frank Marz   16 yrs old   100+ Lashes

Billy Foote      63 lashes  By: Burgress  Has scars

Arthur Huntley   12 yrs old  75 lashes

Harold Sizemore   8 yrs old   30+ Lashes  By: Hatton

Freddy Surber   11 yrs old   40 Lashes with a board By: Hatton w/Marino as witness, 15 lashes on another beating.

Jim Blount   12 yrs old   20+  By: Hatton / Dozier Witness

Clifford Hastings    50+ lashes  By Hatton Sent to Hospital

Willie Roberts     52 Lashes  By: Unknown

Paul Waldron  12 yrs old    70 Lashes Taken to Hospital on stretcher. Has  Scars

Manuel Giddens       46 Lashes  By: Hatton

Patrick Hogan   15 yrs old   50+ Lashes  By: White

James McKinley Mutter   100 Lashes By: Hatton and beaten with fists to groin, taken to hospital, stitches in head,
swollen testicles, in Hospital 3 days. Mother of another boy took pictures, he was given 25 more lashes by Hatton
and told to keep quiet.

George Stalvey  14 yrs old   65 Lashes  By: Tidwell  Taken to Hospital

Larry Houston 14 yrs old   39+  By:____

Captain Phillip Savill   14 yrs old   45 Lashes By: Tidwell / Williams as Witness plus another beating for talking about
the whipping and 30 days solitary.

Stu Kruger   15 yrs old    37-40 Lashes  By: Hatton  Taken to Hospital, two days to walk.

C.E. Gene Rogers Jr.   82 Lashes for Running  BY: Tidwell

Joe Middlebrooks   75 Lashes By:  Hatton / Tidwell Witness

Jimmy Turner      22 Lashes By: Burgess

Daniel Holloway   14 yrs old   30 Lashes By:_____ Plus 60 days solitary for running.

Charles Taylor   15 yrs old    52 Lashes  By: Hatton / Dozier witness

Richard Paul Markwalter     27 lashes 1st Time, 52 Lashes  2nd Time  Skin Broken & Bleeding

Ron Pesce   12 yrs old   Beaten Bloody w/wooden paddle w/Holes

Dennis Kimball   15 yrs old  45 lashes  By: Hatton / Tidwell Witness

Jonathan Coker   14 yrs old  26 Lashes By Tidwell, 29 BY: Hatton (split skin), 25 Lashes By: Zitch

Ellis Edwards   11 yrs old    15 Lashes+  By: Tidwell / Walters Witness

Frank O'Conner     25  Lashes  By: Tidwell

Bob Baxter     25 w/wooden board then 50 w/same Hospital 3 days  Scars. Notes that the wooden board was worse
than the whip as he had experienced both.

Thomas Halstead    38  Lashes  By: Hatton / Borkhart Cottage Father Witness

Phillip Martin   30    Went Down 10 Times, Beaten Bloody By: Tidwell, Miller, Crockett

Samuel Weese    17 yrs old  25 Lashes By: Tidwell / Williams Witness Two other beatings of 25 Lashes.

Eric Utley     40 Lashes Twice By: Williams, 45 Lashes by: Tidwell / Williams Witness

Manuel Giddens     46 Lashes  By: Hatton

John King  12 yrs old   Whipped 4 times, had to hold down boys 8 times.

Ski St. Clair     30 Lashes  By: Tidwell

John Bennett   17 Lashes By: Tidwell and 23 More by Tidwell

Jimmy Turner   15 yrs old   20 Lashes

Michael Brandenburg   140 Lashes for running-Held down by kitchen boys Hospital 1 week.

Carl Ford    50+   By: White / Miller Witness

Paul Elgin    35 Lashes Two Times

Roy Blanchard   10 yrs old   Beather and kicked by other boys at the request of the supervisor on duty

David Vaughn     20 Lashes  By: Hatton

Floyd N. Williams   13 yrs old   10 trips to whitehouse  By: Hatton & Dozier

Blue Thomas Smith  14 yrs old  30 Lashes  By: Tidwell / Davis Witness solidary 11 days

Walter Homman   15 yrs old  15 Lashes, 29 Lashes BY' Hatton / Dioxon Witness 45 Lashes By: Dixon

Charles Fudge  11 yrs old   Beaten By: Tidwell & Hatton

Charles S. Taylor   15 yrs old   52 Lashes  By: Hatton/ Dozier Witness

Charles Wayne Howard   15 yrs old   30 Lashes  Has 4" Scar

Gene Luker   12 yrs old   35 Lashes  Solatiry  6 Weeks

Randall Morgan Steed   16 yrs old  40 Lashes at Gunpoint

Frank Richard Wells    31 Lashes  By: Tidwell

Alan N. Sexton  14 yrs old   37 Lashes By: Tidwell / Hatton Witness

Phillip Marchesani     Ran twice, beaten in woods after the ban on whipping at FSB